Chapter 26

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Hey guys, sorry for my absence. My cousin’s grandma passed away. I had a hard time copig with it along with my cousin. I was just super close to her. I hope you understand.

But here’s a new chapter.


Xo, zabelle 06

The doctor walked in, rummaging through some papers on his clipboard. I stood up; my heart racing faster as Jade squeezed my hand harder and stood up along with me. The doctor then said with a serious face, “I would like to call on the guests for Weston Marshall’s attention.”  

The whole waiting room seemed to fill with silence as all of us paid close attention to the doctor. The tension in the room rose and I could feel the nervousness of everyone. Then, what the doctor had said next made us fall to the ground with tears.


I just sat there, my mouth wide open. I started shaking vigorously as my world started to spin around me. For some odd reason, I was waiting for the ground to open up and take me whole. To take me from this wretched nightmare. I just couldn’t digest the scene that was unfolding before me. It was all to too sudden.

I felt the bile rise in my throat. I tried to get up, but my legs went numb. My stomach felt like someone had punched it where Weston had got shot and it was like I was feeling what Weston was feeling at the moment. I could feel the silver grazing my raw flesh, burning it slowly. But, I was too numb to care.

I watched as an elderly couple stumbled out from a trail that led to a beach house. Judging from the tattoo on the guy’ shoulder, he was part of the Crescent Pack. He held a rifle in both of his hands, his timid wife walking behind him.

When her eyes finally landed on Weston, she let out a screeching gasp and took a trembling step backwards. Her hand shook as she covered her mouth. “Oh my gosh, Henry,” She cried, patting her husband’s shoulder and motioning to Weston’s body. “It’s the alpha’s son.”

“Oh my god,” Henry said, shocked. Instead of going numb like I did, he rushed over to Weston and knelt on the ground next to him, dropping his rifle. “Annie, call the cops!” I watched as Annie ran as fast as she could towards the beach house. Henry then grabbed Weston’s head and said, “Listen to me, sonny. We will get you help. Help is on the way.”

Weston groaned and tried to pick his head up, but he let it fall back again. That’s when I snapped out of my shock and ran over to Weston, stumbling over the sand and falling onto my knees next to him.

The blood gushed out of his side and I couldn’t help but stare at it. My hands shook excessively as I brought it up to my mouth. I could feel the hot tears rolling of cheek and then, I completely snapped.

“Weston,” I said, sobbing louder. “Westo – Wes – W – “ My voice quavered and my sobbing had overcome my voice. I shook Weston’s shoulders. “Weston, please don’t leave me. Please stay with me.”

Weston grunted and only now, I noticed his face pale, the blood draining from his face. He was losing too much blood. I clutched his hand, ripped a piece of my shirt and pressed down on his wound. I heard him groan louder.

“You may want to calm down,” Henry warned. “You’re hurting him more than he already is.”

“Henry,” Annie called, “I could hear the sirens down the street. They’re coming.”

“Okay, hon. Can you stand outside and call them over?”

A few seconds later, two police cars and an ambulance came to a screeching halt, their blue and red lights glowing in the dark sky. I let the police officers pull me back and watched helplessly as Weston was put onto a gurney and set into the ambulance.

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