Chapter 13

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“So let me get this straight? You got detention … With Weston?” Jade’s clear blue eyes bulged out slightly. “Do I even want to know?”

I groaned and rubbed my face in irritation. “He’s just an idiot that’s all.”

“And because of him being an idiot, you bailed on shopping with me?” Jade stomped her foot and whined. Her black hair bouncing as she did. “Why can’t my idiot of a brother just share you for once?”

“It’s not like that. Look, I have to go or I’ll be getting another detention,” I sighed and hugged her quickly. “We’ll go shopping another time, I promise.”

Walking down the school’s empty hallways, I finally made it to Mr. Jenkins room. I scowled when I saw Weston. Apparently, we were the only ones who received detention for today. How did I get so lucky? Note the sarcasm. Making sure I sat as far away as possible from him, I read the carved in words of other students on the wooden desk and tried my best not to look at Weston.

“Alright then,” Mr. Jenkins clapped his hands once. He stood up from his desk, stretched, and straightened out his light blue button up shirt. “I have to go do some business in the office. You two know the basics. No eating, no skipping, no goofing around and most importantly, for the both of your sakes, no talking.”

Weston scoffed. I turned back to glare at him, but he waved me off “Mr. J, you know that isn’t possible.”

“Yeah, well, I tried,” Our teacher replied and groaned.

“Sir, please don’t leave me with,” I pointed at Weston in disgust, “that thing.” I tried my puppy dog look that consisted of widening my green eyes a bit, pouting my lower lip, and scrunching up my eyebrows. Mr. J simply raised one eyebrow and looked at me in disbelief. His expression read something along the lines of, ‘Seriously? Not going to work.’

Weston tried to hold back his laughter, but cracked, ending up in a laughing fit. He finally calmed down and pointed a finger at me. “Whew, what kind of face was that? You looked like a cow that’s constipated.”

“How do you know what a cow that’s constipated looks like, huh?” I challenged, using a nagging voice.

“Well, obviously, just look at you.”

I gasped. “I am not a cow!”

I heard a door slam and found that Mr. Jenkins escaped from us. Smart man, I thought, I’m stuck with stupid … again! I groaned for the thousandth time today. “See? Poor Mr. Jenkins!”

“You just like him, because like every girl around here thinks he’s like so hot!” Weston replied in a failed attempt at a girl voice, crossing his arms and throwing me one of his smirks. To tell you the truth, his smirk fit him well. Well, everything fit him well. He wasn’t as hot as a Greek god or any god for that matter, because he was so much hotter. His strong, angular jaw clenched when he was mad or when he was concentrated. His blue eyes shined out of his perfectly tan skin and black hair that was whipped into a messy style. I found it hard not to stare at his sculpted chest and broad shoulders that were only being covered by a thin layer of gray cloth. Oh, and his lips. His lips were nice, even when they spoke the meanest things or curved into a cocky smirk.

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