Chapter 10

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I stood still, not responding to the kiss. Shock couldn’t even explain the situation I was in right now. My eyes almost bulged out of its sockets.

 Weston’s lips were warm against mine. It molded perfectly with my heart shaped lips. Small tingles made its way from my mouth down to my insides, making me feel complete. It was as if I finally found the missing piece to a puzzle.

I felt ecstatic at first, but realization of what a jerk he was made me come to my senses. I pushed him away with my hands and put them on my hips. I glared at him, hoping that daggers came out and stabbed him. “You’re a pain in the ass. I’m not going to forgive you so easily,” I finally said, breaking the awkward silence. Weston stiffened and was about to say something, but I quickly continued, feeling awkward. “I think that the matter of the moment is who’s trying to kill me.” I shuddered at the thought, suddenly feeling very cautious of my surroundings. “Who is this Silver Bullet?”

“I would like to know that myself,” Weston’s voice dripped with venom. He looked at me. “Danny, don’t worry. I’ll kill the bastard. You can’t just walk alone anymore. We need to keep an eye on you. It’s not safe. I’ll call Jarred and I can’t believe I’m saying this. I’m going to ask for his help.”

The sincerity of his words made me feel calm. I believed him. It was weird, but I did. “Why is this person trying to kill me anyways? And are werewolves even affected by silver bullets?”

“I don’t know, Danny. The Silver Bullet knows something we don’t and before it gets to you, I’m going to kill him. Or her. Silver bullets don’t affect us, unless it is shot at our hearts. Otherwise, if it shoots anywhere else, we would feel the pain, but it won’t take long to heal. The only thing that can kill us is beheading, silver touching our hearts and old age.”

“Wh-“ Before I could finish my question, my cell phone rang. I gestured to Weston to wait a moment.

“Hello,” I answered.

“Danny? Danny, where the hell are you?” Darren’s worried voice came from the other end. “We’ve been waiting for you for –“

“Darren, calm down. The librarian had a hard time finding the book I was looking for,” I lied. “Anyways, I’m heading there now.” I hung up before he could ask any more questions.

I started walking away, but Weston grabbed my arm. “Danny, you can’t just walk alone. I’ll walk you there. Plus, did you forget were in the middle of the woods?”

Instead of holding his hand, I held onto the belt loop of his jeans. This bastard is certainly not going to gain satisfaction from me anytime soon.

However, I still felt the warmth of his lips on mine. I wanted more. It was as if it sliced my heart open, but not in a painful way, but a nice way. But, I couldn’t think of that now. All I could think of was who the hell was trying to kill me and why.


Weston dropped me off at the corner of the street where Froyo was at. He didn’t want Kelly and Darren to see him. Believe me or not, I thanked Weston for saving my life. Before we parted ways, we exchanged numbers, just in case something happened to me again.

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