Chapter 6

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Here is chapter 6!


xo. zabelle06

I jolted upright. The first thing I saw was darkness.  The only sound was my heavy panting. My shirt was sticking to my sweaty back. I took in my surroundings and realized that I was only in my room. I was safe and tucked into the dark purple comforters of my bed. I laid back down and sighed in relief. Oh, thank God it was only just a dream, I thought.

I quickly sat back up again. I don’t remember falling asleep in my bed last night. I remember going back to the shed to grab some Epsom Salt and seeing the mythical creature that appeared right before my eyes. I quickly shook those thoughts away and chuckled at myself for being stupid. This place was really making me go crazy. There was probably some virus in the air.

Checking the time, I found that it was already six o’clock in the morning. School started in about two hours. Aunt Feli usually woke me up at this time, but she hasn’t come into my room yet. She probably overslept. I put my arms over my head to stretch my back, but a piercing pain erupted from my right shoulder. I gasped and put my arms down.

Would’ve the mythical creature actually bit me? Would’ve I had some virus spreading in my body right now? Oh, please don’t be rabies! I gasped once again. Would’ve I was dead?

I quickly got up from my bed, turning on the lights. I ran over to my mirror and looked at myself in horror. There was a huge bite mark on my right shoulder. It was still slightly red, but it couldn’t have healed this quickly. I ran my hands over the new sore, grimacing when I felt pain. It wasn’t a dream?

There were so many questions that I wanted to ask, but no one to answer them. What was that beast in my back yard? What will this bite mark do to me? Will I become sick and suffer? Will I die? Or was I dead already? So many questions bombarded my head and I started to cry. Last night’s episode ran in my head again. I was terrified on so many levels.

Making sure I wasn’t dead, I rushed out of my room and ran down the stairs. I found Aunt Feli at the front door, speaking in a hushed tone to someone. A wave a relief surged through my body. If I was dead and in heaven or hell, Aunt Feli wouldn’t have been here. I was still surely alive. Wait, would’ve the beast killed Aunt Feli too? I tensed up and mentally laughed at myself for being stupid again.

“George, it aint a good time. Your daughter is sleepin’ and you’re drunk,” Aunt Feli said.

“Ohhh, cooome onnnn Fel, I aint drunk. Not oooone bit! Hah, bit!” A voice slurred and the man chuckled. Anger surged through me as I recognized the voice as my father’s own. “I just want to talk to my daughter, thass all. She’s being sucha’ spoiled brat lately. Someeee one needs to teach her a lesson.”

I marched over to the door and kicked it open wider. The smell of alcohol filled my nose. I gagged. My father’s hair was sticking up in all different places. His eyes were watery and his smile irritated the hell out of me. His tie was undone and he had vomit stains on his white shirt. “Daaaanny, I missed you! Please talk to me!”  He took a swig of the beer he was holding.

“Dad, go home. I don’t want to talk to you,” I spat.

“Danny, what happened to you?” My dad asked, his eyes tearing up. “You’ve been sucha’ hard ass late-“ he burped and I looked at him in disgust. “lately.”

“Go home dad to your lovely wife,” I yelled at him sarcastically and shut the door in his face.

I closed my eyes and counted to ten, trying to calm myself down. “Honey, you okay?” Aunt Feli’s southern accent calmed me down.

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