Chapter 9

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New chapter, as I promised. Dedicated to WhyteRhose because her stories are the BOMB. (: Love you guys for making it this far! & sorry it's not edited, I'm in a bit of a rush.


Xo, zabelle 06 

I stared at the beast in horror as it jumped over me skillfully, sending Silo and itself crashing to the ground. Silo grunted, probably from the impact of the tackle. The beast had its paws pinned on Silo’s shoulders. However, Silo just chuckled.

Meanwhile, I was freaking out. I think I’m dreaming. I contemplated that thought for a while. Yep, I was definitely dreaming. In a matter of seconds, I will wake up and go to school like every normal teenage girl in the planet.

The beast looked over at me, its deep blue eyes twinkling in amusement. How could he find a situation like this funny? This beast looked so awfully familiar. I stared at it with wide eyes as the realization dawned on me. It was the beast that attacked me about a month ago.

‘One, you aren’t dreaming, Danny. Two, I think you should calm down because you look like a stick went up your ass,’ a familiar deep voice filled my head. Weston’s voice. Great, now I was just going plain crazy. ‘You are crazy. Just calm down, I will explain everything later.’

The beast’s eyes turned into a dark black. It was eye catching, even in the dim lighting that was provided to us in this alley. I was still laying on the ground, propped up on my right elbow, trying to make sense of what was going on. My gaze was fixed on those two black eyes. ‘Just calm down,’ Weston repeated. All of a sudden, a warm sensation engulfed me. It felt like a warm thick blanket being placed on me during a cold winter’s night.

Silo chuckled, waking me up from my reverie. However, I remained calm. I was still under the beast’s – Weston’s – spell. “Weston, this is not a fair brawl,” Silo said. “I am in lock down, due to numerous tasks people inquire me to do for them. I am well aware that you know of the rule the Experts have passed among us. You don’t want to disappoint your father, do you?”

They looked at each other for a short period. “Ah, that is accurate. You could execute me for threatening to kill the young female. However, perhaps you may want to find out who wants her terminated?” Silo chuckled.

Another short moment passed between them. It occurred to me that Weston was speaking to him telepathically. “We’ll make a deal. Return into your human form and we’ll deal with this like real men do.”

Weston slowly retreated from Silo. His eyes never left the man, even as he stood up. Weston shook out his fur, almost like a dog did. Suddenly, his fur receded into his body and smooth, golden, toned skin stood out.

“Who is it?” Weston demanded through clenched teeth.

“You are so much like you’re father. Impatient, rude, and demanding,” Silo sighed.

He got that right. And Weston thought I looked like I had a stick up my butt? He looks like he has one stuck up his ass every day, I thought, while rolling my eyes.

I heard that cupcake, Weston snapped.

“Anyways, I have no time for this. I’m disappointed though, I could’ve been a rich man,” Silo clucked his tongue and shook his head disbelievingly. “It goes by the name of Silver Bullet.”

“What kind of information is that?” Weston’s voice increased, bouncing off the walls in the alley. “Was it a woman, a man? What did they look like?”

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