Chapter 12

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The car ride there was long and quiet. Gino refused to speak to Liam. And gave me attitude.

Once we finally got there I wasn't surprised. This was my life after all. I did this all the time.

The car pulled up to the front after the line of people getting out and walking in.

Liam got out first and held my hand as I stepped out.

I didn't make any emotion and I guess he caught on.

"What's wrong?" He asks looking forward and linking my arm in his.

"Nothing." I say with a straight face.

Just before we walk in my father appears.

"I'll take it from here." He says as he nudges Liam off. He nods and steps back and walks to the side of us like the rest of our guards.

"You look lovely." He whispers.

I don't answer him.

"Carlos Salvatore is not here yet.." my father says as he looks aggravated. He looks around as if he would magically appear.

"Are you really surprised by that, father?" I say with sarcasm.

"Smile. We are entering." He says as the door man opens the door and we are flashed by paparazzi and cameras and others.

I smile but it's so fake i can't even begin to describe it.

Once we make it though the flashing and yelling of "over here" he finally drops my arm.

"Do I look available enough?" I say as I sit at a tiny table.

"You will do this. We can have a great deal of enemies if you do not go through with this marriage. We could inherit much more money with this marriage as well. Our family will be-"

"Our family? What family?! I won't be apart of this 'family' if you sell me off!" I whisper yell.

"Listen to me! You know just as well as I do that it's better to be in on this then out! I already signed you off. It's a set deal. If you leave, I could be killed, or worse, you." He says as he leans down to my ear.

I turn my head away.

"I'm taking a walk." I say as I stand up.

Just as I push the chair back in Gino whispers something in my fathers ear. Then my father dismissed him.

"No time. He is here. Come with me." He says.

I follow him to a back room.

"What are we doing here?" I ask looking around the room that looks like a powder room. The room has gold accents and a gold lounge right chair. It also had a mirror that was on the back wall.

"He will be meeting you here. He wants to meet with you in private. Away from all the commotion. Do not disappoint the famiglia."

I roll my eyes and walk over to the corner. I hear the door shut and I feel a relief that he left. Even though that relief won't last long.

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