Chapter 24

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*This chapter is very long*


I get dressed quickly that next morning. All day I have been playing the moment over and over in my head. The same moment I've been thinking of for the past 3 years.

Before I exit my room, I see the torn up note that I poorly taped back together. I keep walking forward and then I stop. I turn back around and grab it and shove it in my pocket.

I head to my bathroom and I stare at myself in the mirror, looking at my hair. It takes me a few moments to realize that I truly have changed.

I glance over and see my pocket knife sitting on the counter.

I quickly pick it up and chop my hair.

I immediately drop it and gape at my hair.

Shit. What the hell did I just do?

I take a deep breath and look at the other side, that's still long. Well now I have to cut the other side.

And I do so. The weight off my back and shoulders feels better.

My hair was officially chopped

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My hair was officially chopped.
I run my hands through my hair and look back at my pocket knife.

"Can't be trusted with this." I mumble to myself as I shove it in a drawer. I glance down at all my hair on the floor. I stare at it for a few seconds before picking it up and trashing it.

I meet Gino and Gabriel and few others at the jet.
"Your hair." Says Gabriel.

"Yeah it's short, I know." I say.

"You still look good." He says.

I exchange the smallest smile towards him.

They nod to me, allowing me to enter first.

Once we are all sitting down and situated, Gino sits across from me. I pull out a magazine that has the most recent news on it, speaking on my disappearance.

"We need to speak." He persists.

"About?" I ask, not looking up from my magazine.

"Moretti..." He says. My eyes flicker up to him.
"You can't kill him right then and there. You need to get information from him first. You shouldn't let your emotions over power you." He says.

I turn my head at him.
"What information would we need? We saw everything at the wedding." I mumble, looking back down at the magazine but not actually reading it.

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