Chapter 17

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Today was the day of the dress shopping.

I walk down the stairs and see my father talking with Martina. Liam, right next to him.

"Caio, Genesis." Says Martina as she holds onto my hands and kisses me on the cheek.

"I'm sending Gino with you today." Says my father.

"What about Liam?" I say as I look at him.

He watches me.

"He's with me today. I need him for a few special things. I'm going to be out for the majority of the day."

"I also have 7 of my men escorting us as well." Says Martina.

My father nods and so do I.

"I'll take good care of her." Says Martina with a warm smile.

Martina begins to shove me out the door. I look back and see Liam watching me leave. Then following after my father. He looked saddened.

I get in the Limo with Martina. She pours me a glass of champagne.

There's at least 7 body guards with us. But they are sitting in a different section of the Limo.

The car ride there is silent until she breaks it.

"Carlos has picked out a lovely dress for you." She says sipping on her champagne.

I almost spit mine out all over her.

"What?" I say as I wipe my mouth with a cloth.

"We are going there to try on the dress that Carlos has picked out for you..?" She says, as if I had known.

"I'm not going to wear a dress that he picked out." I say with rudeness in my tone.

She looks appalled.

"Carlos will not be happy seeing you walk down the isle in a dress that he did not choose." She argues.

I shake my head.

"This whole wedding has been plotted out for me. I'm going to at least choose my dress." I say.

"You shouldn't do-" she begins.

"Why are you so scared of him...?" I mumble, looking into her terrified eyes.

"He will hold me responsible!" She yells.

"Well then, I'll make it very clear to him that this was my choice." I say as I turn away from her and look out the window.

She shakes her head at me. Still looking very worried.

"Do you not know the power he holds...?" She asks, quietly.

I turn back to her.

"Of course I do. But I'm not going to let him manipulate me." I say as I fold my arms.

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