Chapter 4

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After a few hours, there's a knock at the door. I'm laying on my bed on my phone. I get up and open the door and it's Liam.

"Why did you leave like that?! You worried everyone." He says moving me aside and closing the door quickly.

"Why would you care anyways?" I say as I sit on my bed and look up at him.

"Because it could had cost me my job." He says, looking frustrated.

"Oh you mean the job your trying to get rid of? The job that you absolutely can't stand because of me?" I say rolling my eyes.

"What are you talking about?" He says sitting down next to me.

"I heard what you told my dad! I'm sorry if your the only person on this base that actually listens to me." I turn away from him.

"Why did you follow us." I can see his jaw clenching under the mask.

"Doesn't matter." I get up and go to my closet.

I look for my black dress with the slit in it.

"I had a reason." He says following me into the closet.

"Oh really? I don't want to hear it." I flip through hangers until I find it.

"Listen to me. Me being your body guard isn't the best thing for either of us." He says holding on to my shoulders so I stop and look at him.

"Let go." I say and twist out of his arms.

"Genesis." He says standing there waiting for me to give in.

"I can talk to him about getting you a new position. So don't worry about it." I say as I go through my jewelry box.

He sighs and runs his hands through his hair.

"Get out. I'm getting dressed." I say and trying to push his out.

"Wait." He tries to stop me.

"Seriously just go." I open the door for him.
He walks out and leans up against the other side of the door.

I put on the black dress.

I sit at the vanity and curl my hair.

I look at my phone and the time is 8:13 pm.

I lock my door.

Of course I know all the hidden routes the members use to escape. So I take one. It leads all the way out to the front gate.

I make a run for it and head out to the party Alina is throwing.


I'm leaning against the door waiting for her to open it. But she never does. I knock on the door and there's no answer.

"Genesis?" I ask in stern voice.


I slowly pull on the handle and the door is locked.

Quickly I radio people to get to her room.

I break the door open.

I look around with my gun but she's no where.

We are all looking around.

"She probably snuck out again." Says one of the other body guards.

I look in her closet and see a hidden trap door.

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