Chapter 27

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We walk out and get into the car, Liam driving.
I open my purse and start shuffling through it.

"What are you looking for?" Asks Liam, occasionally glancing at me.

I pull out a pair of Diamond earrings that my father gave to me on my 17th birthday.

"These." I say as I dangle them in front of his face.
I put them in and tie my hair back into a low messy bun.

I feel his eyes on me.
I look at him and he holds eye contact with me until I break it.

It shouldn't take too long to get to the casino, seeing as how it is in Sicily.

The car ride was silent, until Liam spoke up.

"Once we get there, I'll look for the Salvatore's guy and you distract and get information from the Non morto cremisi." He says.

I nod, in agreement. "It might have to take me a few rounds. I'm not good at all the acting stuff." I laugh.

"You'll be fine. You shot Carlos and practically seduced him." He points out.

I smile. "You're right. But a drink would still be nice." I reply.

"We can drink tonight and celebrate after we finish this mission." He says.
I look straight ahead and can't help but smile.

I've always wondered what it was like to go on a mission with my father or just one of his men. And now I'm doing it with my first love. I feel my smile fade.

I'm still confused about how I feel towards him. I forgive him for what happened, but a part of me feels resentment. I want to get back to where we were but things have changed. Including both of us. And maybe even our morals. Especially mine.

My thoughts are interrupted by Liam's hand, gently placed on my thigh.

I glance at him and his eyes glide across my face.
I turn my focus back to the road, and see bright lights lighting up a building. The casino.

"Wow." Mumbles Liam as we approach. It's a huge turn out. The valet parking is overloaded and there are people walking in from every direction.

Liam puts the car in reverse and backs up into a spot. With his one hand flexed straight up, he turns the wheel. I take a glance at his tattoos on his hands and 2 silver rings along with one black one. I have to force myself to look away before I decide to stay with him in the car, all night.

We get out of the car and link arms as we walk up together. I see him dig in his pocket a pull out a lip stick.

I raise an eye brow.

"Well that's definitely not the first thing I thought you would pull out." I say sarcastically.

"Yeah yeah, smart ass. Here." He says as he opens it up and drops a pill in the palm of my hand. "Slip this in his drink after you get the information. It's non fizz. He shouldn't notice."

I do a tiny salute with two fingers and give him a look. "Got it." I say. I place the pill in my clutch.

We finally get inside the doors. This casino is huge and it's crawling with powerful people. And drunk people. The stench hits my nose. Booze.

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