Chapter 20

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*this is a long chapter*


When I wake up, Liam is gone. I sit up and look around my room blankly. Nothing seems to have changed since last night, other than I'm going to be a married woman at 4:00 pm today.

I'm greeted by 3 maids and Martina and Mariana. I previously asked if Alina could attend the wedding, and I was denied by Carlos. He thought she could be a threat to the wedding some how.

"Buongiorno." Says Mariana as she grabs me out of the bed. "Your room looks so empty, amore!" She exclaims.

"It's really early. Are we getting ready right now?" I ask.

"Sí!" Says Mariana. "You don't look like a bride yet, but by the time me and my team are done with you, you will look like a bride." She squeals.

"Goodie." I say.

Martina glares at me from across the room. Why the hell is she bitchy today.

The maids bring me breakfast which includes caffè latte with a fette biscottate. After I eat, I have hands all over. Reaching across my face and all around.

Mariana wraps me in a black silk robe, then does my makeup.

They finish it with a matte red lip

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They finish it with a matte red lip.

Martina shrieks. "She looks like an Italian Bride!"
I roll my eyes. Everyone steps away to take 5.
I look at myself in the mirror. Wow. They did good.

My mind drifts away from my makeup and to Liam. He promised to stay. I want to go see him.

"Come come! We have to do your hair now." Says Mariana.

I look back and forth between Martina and Mariana.

"Can I have a minute? It's only 10:30." I say.

Martina let's out a annoyed sigh.
"You can start on Martinas makeup." I imply.

They all nod. I'm all shaken and sweaty. I don't know if I can do this. Live with Carlos. Have a honey moon with him. And give him children? The thought of it irks my soul.

I go over to the bathroom and close the door. I pace around and stand and look at myself in the mirror.

"What is wrong with me..?" I whisper, looking into the mirror. "Get yourself together Gen." I mumble.

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