Chapter 28

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*play song during club scene*


The month has flown by fast. Tomorrow is the club opening. I'm nervous to see Carlos again.

Me and Liam have been training non stop and have been growing closer. I've been showing him my skills and he's been showing me his. We've been feeding off eachothers skills and abilities.

I'm standing in front of my closet looking for what to wear tomorrow night. My eyes fall on a short sparkly purple dress. It'll have to do.

Liam walks in.
"Are you ready for tomorrow?" He asks.
I nod.
"Just try not to get killed, please?" I say.

"No promises. But I can try." He says. I look up at him and he's smiling.

"I'm serious." I say.
"Me too, Carrera." He says.

"Here." He tells me as he holds out a mask for me, for tomorrow night.
I keep forgetting it's a masquerade. But it will be a perfect set up to assassinate them. It's all black with lace and a few fake diamonds.

I glance down at the mask.
"You think this is going to conceal my face enough for Carlos not to notice?" I question.

"It should. Gino bought them." He states.
"Where's yours?" I ask.

He shows me his and it's all black too.
"We got word that Carlos is having more security than normal because his men found the dead weapon advisor." He says as he sits on my bed.

"Great." I mumble. I must seem nervous because Liam catches on.

"Don't be nervous. You're highly trained and you have more of an advantage on Carlos. He wants you back, badly." Says Liam.

I don't answer. I know what he's talking about. He wants me to seduce him again.

"Okay let's go over the plan?" I ask, leaning up against the wall.

He doesn't answer me. Instead he lights a cigarette. Since when did he smoke?

"The plan?" I question again, raising a brow

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"The plan?" I question again, raising a brow.

"Im still concocting one." He says.
I face palm.

He takes a few minutes before answering me.
"Okay so first you and I will split up. You need to get Carlos to notice you. Take him outback, finish him off and come back to help me finish off the man that killed your father. Then we can get out of there." He says.

I give him a look.
"And I set up an arrangement with Gino to steal back your father's weapons." He tells me.

I nod.
"You should go to bed. We have a long day tomorrow." He says.

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