Chapter one

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Luna's pov:
Hi, my name is Luna Neaveh. I have dark brown hair that is naturally wavy. I have light grey eyes that I got from my mom. I am just shorter then average and underweight. I have scars and bruises all over my body. I hate my body and myself in general. I always wear clothes that cover myself not wanting others to see the marks.

Im tortured everyday and the reason why, I couldn't tell you. Its much of a mystery to me as it is to you. Im hated and abused by my father who is either high or drunk. He's the reason why I became mute.

When he hit me for the first time and started calling me horrible things, it crushed me. Like the world was crashing down. The person who I looked up to was gone.

If I made the slightest mistake I would be punished. All of this abuse made me become depressed and not wanting to speak again.

School isn't any better either. Im bullied because I'm mute. Im known as the freak. Im quite popular and famous at school. Everyone knows who I am. They know if they are frustrated or angry I'm the perfect punching bag. My life is hell and all I want is for it to end.

Because of all this hate, I became insecure about my body and actually despise my body.

Do you know how hard it is to be called fat and believing them even though you can practically see your own ribs? I would basically starve myself and envy all of the other girls for having the perfect body.

Do you know how hard it is to see your own body in the mirror and feel disgusted by seeing all the scars and marks that are never going to go? I can tell you how I got each of those marks without missing a single detail like it just happened yesterday, but what I hate the most is that I allowed them to do that to me, I didn't dare to try and stop them.

I thought sleep was my only escape, but boy was I wrong. I have nightmares every night reminding me of what has happened to me through out the years of my life.

All I have ever known in life is to suffer and to suffer alone, having no one to love and protect me. To help me. To understand me. To tell me its going to be okay. That I'll be okay.

Because of this thing that I call my life, I suffer from anxiety and depression. I always feel alone. I feel like I'm being consumed by the darkness and the thing is I'm not fighting it. Im allowing it to consume me.

The only thing that's been there for me is my deppresion. Its always been with me through everything and will always be with me my whole life.

My alarm goes off telling me I need to get my ass up and make my father breakfast before I get punished.

I quickly do my morning routine and get dressed. Im wearing some black jeans, a blue tank top and an over sized black hoodie hiding my body figure. I brush my hair letting my natural waves fall onto my back and head downstairs.

Once I get downstairs I see my father passed out on the couch. He reeks of alcohol like always. I cant even remember a day when he didn't. After seeing my father like this I promised myself to stay away from alcohol and to never drink it.

I go into the kitchen as quietly as possible not wanting to wake him up. I make him his breakfast and just eat a granola bar for my breakfast. I grab my bag on my way to the door and bam!

I fall onto the floor. Why do I have to be clumsy? I hear my father wake up. He sits up and sees me. His eyes are drilling into mine. I now know I'm just good as dead...

My father stalks towards me and I'm too scared to move. He grabs my hair pulling me up. I whine in pain. He throws me against the wall. I groan rubbing my head, which is now throbbing.

"Why the fuck are you still here?You are a pathetic excuse of a daughter. You can never do anything right. Your just like that cheap slut of a mother of yours," he shouted.

When he mentioned my mother's name tears slowly came out of my eyes. My mother was everything to me until he killed her. I can still remember the day. Seeing my mother die right in front of me.

My father comes up to me and starts kicking me in the stomach until he's satisfied. He hurts me in places where nobody can see so no one gets suspicious. He walks into the kitchen for his breakfast leaving me in pain crying on the floor. I use all the strength I have left and get up and walk to the door on my way to school.

As I walk to school, I clutch on to my stomach. I think he bruised one of my ribs. When I get to school I hear my bestfriend shout my name. Luke runs up to me and gives me a hug. I wince in pain. He backs up from me and asks if I'm okay. I sign to him telling him I tripped from the stairs. He nods believing me.

Luke doesnt know what goes on at home. Im too afraid to tell him or anyone in fact. I give him a fake smile that everyone is fooled by. I can't even remember the last time I generally smiled. He smiled back.

Luke is like a brother to me. He's the only one who protects and defends me. The only person who I feel safe around.

When he moved to this school everyone warned him to stay away from me, but he ignored them. He didnt see me as a freak, he saw me as human being. He's the only one who took the time to get to know the real me.

It did take time for me to trust him and become friends with him, but he never gave up and I eventually let him in.

We both head to class. He drops me off to my class just in case someone tried to hurt me or say anything. Luke does everything he can to keep me safe and I'm grateful to have him in my life.

I enter class and he walks away. I sit at the back of the class not wanting to gain attention to myself. I see Chloe, my main bully and the most popular girl in the school. Her minions are also in this class. Their names are Lacey and Gracey, their twins.

Class starts and I slouch down. The only advantage of being mute is that the teacher never calls on me. The door suddenly swings open and I see three guys. I think their new because I know everyone in this school, well I think I do anyways.

The teacher asks them to introduce themselves. "Hi my name is Brandon". He has light brown hair and dark brown eyes. He sends a wink and all the girls look at him in awe besides me.

"Hi my name is Leo". He has light blond hair and ocean blue eyes. The last one walks to the front of the guys.

"Hi my name is Ashton and dont talk to me and we wont have a problem." He has chocolate brown hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes. I look at all three of them and they all look like they work out, but don't look to bulky.

They are definitely hot and I can see the guys getting jealous and the girls looking at them seductively. I also can see Chloe fix herself and flutter her eyes at them. Looking back at the boys they don't look so interested.

My gaze reaches back to Ashton's hazel eyes. I find myself lost in them. He caught me staring and smirks. I look down feeling completely embarrassed.

The teacher tells them to take a seat next to me. I can feel them walking towards my direction. "Just so you guys know who she is, her name is Luna," the teacher says.

She probably did this so I could make some friends. She knows Luke is my only friend and this is her trying to set me up to get to know more people. Not to burst her bubble or anything, but its not going to happen.

No one likes to sit by me because I'm the freak and they don't want to lower their reputation from associating with me. I bet these guys don't even want to sit by me, but they have to because there is no other seats.

Ashton's sits on my right, Leo on my left and Brandon in front of me. I look down at my notebook knowing that Chloe is glaring at me. Its not my fault they had to sit by me.

I can feel the guys looking at me, but I try to ignore them and focus on class. Its not like I can talk to them anyways, but if I could I would tell them to leave me alone.

Ashton nudges me trying to get my attention because I wouldn't respond to him. Like I said before I can't. He nudges me again and I wince in pain. He nudged me where my bruised rib was. He looked at me and said sorry. I gave him a sad smile showing I have forgiven him. The bell rang. I quickly got up and walked away...

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