Chapter fifteen

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I got on to my motorbike and drive off. I don't know where I'm going, but anywhere is better then going back to school or going home to face James. Ugh, why does life have to be so complicated?

After 20 minutes I find myself parked outside a small cafe. It looked so cute and cosy. It wasn't so packed either, meaning I can finally have some quiet time.

I enter the cafe and take a seat at the table that's by the window. I look out and watch as cars drive off one by one.

"Hi?" I hear a strange voice say. I turn towards the person and see a guy. He has honey brown hair and green eyes. He looks about 6'4. If I'm being honest he's kinda cute.

I take a deep breath.
"Hey," I say back to him. I can tell my voice was raspy, probably because I haven't spoken in years. Talking feels weird, but good.

"Can I um take your order?" He said.

"Yh, can I have a coffee please?"

"Yh sure I'll be right back," he says and walks away.

10 minutes later
I'm still in the cafe with my coffee and the guy who took my order is sitting with me. Don't worry his on his break.

Anyways, I found out his name was Daniel and that we have many things in common. When we began talking I felt as if I can trust and I ended up telling him my life story starting from the beginning to what happened today. He gave me some great advice and listened to me babble about all of my problems.

I looked at my phone and realised it was getting late and I also saw I have missed calls from Ashton, James, Kelsey and Mamie. Oh shit. They are probably worried about me.

I get up from my seat and say goodbye to Daniel, but not before exchanging numbers. I give him a hug and head home.

Once I arrive home I take a deep breath before entering knowing I'm about to die from James's wrath. God please protect me.

I enter the house shutting the door quietly. I look around and see no one. I sigh in relief and make my way to my room. Thank the god lord.

Once I get into my room I hear a weird noise. What the fuck was that? I turn on my light and see someone sitting on my desk chair. I pull out my gun and point it towards the person.

The unknown person spins the chair so they are facing me and I see James. He was sitting in my chair with his leg crossed over the other stroking a cat. Where the fuck did he get a cat from? This is totally not a creepy and strange situation.

I put my gun away and watch as he slowly strokes the cat. Never mind this is creepy. I slowly back away. "Where do you think your going?" He says moving his gaze from the cat to me. I have never been so confused in my life. Did he hit his head?

I snap out of my thoughts and see James still staring at me. I run out of my bedroom and go into one of the spare rooms. Shit I forgot my clothes. I make my way back to my bedroom, grab my clothes and run not even bothering to check if James was still in there.

I have a quick shower and get changed. I get into bed still confused and lost about that whole situation that just happened a while ago. I know James was dramatic and weird, but that was some next level shit.

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