Chapter seventeen

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The next day
Okay, so me and the girls might have skipped school yesterday and James kinda found out. He told us all off and had a private word with me.

He told me I can't just run away from my problems, but I need to be strong and face them and I know he's right so that's what I'm about to do today. We also talked about the whole me speaking again thing. I also blurted out everything that happened that day and he kinda got angry when I mentioned Ashton's name.

After he finally relaxed he gave me some good advice that helped calm my nerves and we decided to have a movie night because we haven't spent any time together in a while. I cherished every moment of it. I love spending time with James. He's literally the best brother ever and I don't know what I would do without him.

I still need to make a plan to get Kelsey and James together though. Hmm...

Anyways, I get out of bed and get changed. I put on a black T-shirt, a black and red checkered shirt on top, black skinny jeans and black shoes. I put my hair into a high pony tail and head downstairs not bothering to do my makeup.

I eat my breakfast and make my way to school.

I took a deep breath and entered the school with the girls on either side of me. I look over at Kelsey and she gives me a reassuring smile and I smile back. Oof, what would I do without my girls?

I make my way to lesson ignoring all the looks I'm getting. It's so fucking annoying though and I almost lost my shit, but some how managed to control the urge to pull out my gun and shoot all of them.

Anyways, like the last time I've been avoiding Ashton. I know that I need to face him and I can't avoid him my whole life, but I'm not ready yet. I need more time, I just don't know how long. At least I didn't make the same mistake again by going into the cafeteria where I can't hide, instead I went to the music room and played the piano while the girls where busy taking selfies on their phones.

Remind why I'm friends with them again.

"Luna hurry up and get ready, we have the meeting with the vipers and we leave in an hour," James shouted.

Oh shit. I forgot the gang meeting was today. I quickly put on a black crop top, a leather jacket that has the gangs name on it, black leggings and a pair of black combat boots. I do my makeup and put my hair into a fishtail braid. I quickly grab my knives and guns, head downstairs and into the car.

I hope the gang leader of the vipers isn't a cocky bastard...

Hey guys,
I've published the prologue of a new story called childhood bestfriends and more chapters of the story will be coming soon. I'm going to be writing this story aswell as the other one.

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