Chapter six

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We finally arrived at James's house. No, let me correct myself, I meant mansion. His house was huge and beautiful. It was an eye view. My old home feels like a dump compared to his.

I really need to paint it. Yes, I can paint. Believe it or not, I used to sing, but of course stopped when I became mute. Singing always managed to help me control my emotions and escape from the real world.

When I stopped singing, I turned to painting. I can express myself. I can tell a story. I can paint a world I rather live in. It makes all my worries and thoughts disappear.

We enter the house and everything looks expensive. I dont want to touch anything, scared I would break something. I could never imagine myself living in a house like this. Its amazing.

I wonder if James gets lonely living in this big house alone. The only company he has is the help. To be honest if was him I would be lonely and I would always be bored.

James shows me to my new room. I already feel spoilt just by looking at it. In my room there is a queen size bed, a vanity, a bay window, a sofa and TV. I also have my very own walk in closet and bathroom.

Once I was done exploring the house, me and James talked about how things were going to work. Well not talk because I cant, but you know what I mean.

Im still going to go school to finish my education, but im going to start training and be apart of the gang.

However, im not going to school for a month, so I could get used to my new life. Ive also decided to change myself and be the real me.

Im going to get tattoos. Ive always wanted some, but was never allowed. Im going to change my style of clothes. Instead of wearing clothes that cover up my bruises, I'm going to wear clothes that are more me and make a statement.

Finally, I'm going to change my personality. Im not going to take Shit from anyone anymore and stand up for myself. Im sick and tired of how people treat me. Its time for a change. The world doesn't know whats coming...

After years of being silence, James decided to give himself a mission, to get me to talk. To be honest I'm scared. Im scared to speak and I don't know why.

I grab my notebook that I've been using to communicate with James and write, 'thank you James'.

"For what baby girl".

What? Baby girl? Is he being serious? He is one strange man. I began to write on my notebook,

'For saving me.'

And with that I went to bed.

The next morning
I woke up about 7am and did my morning routine, which included brushing my teeth and doing my facial skin care routine.

I walk into the kitchen smelling delicious waffles. I see a woman cooking, she's probably the one who made the waffles.

The woman looks like she's in her mid thirty's. She has fare, light brown hair and brown eyes. Her lips are quite thin and she seems slightly taller then average.

"Hello, come sit. My name is Melissa and im James's private chef."

I nod and take a seat on the stool. She slides me a plate of waffles and I started to dig in. Omg I feel like im in heaven.

Soon after, James walks into the kitchen and takes a seat next to me. Melissa slides James a plate of waffles and he begins to stuff his face.

"Oh yeah, Melissa this is Luna," says James and I just smile at her.

"Nice to meet you Luna. I was wondering what your name was," Melissa says softly in a mother tone.

I smile again not knowing what to do in this awkward position. I dont have my notebook to reply to her and I doubt she knows sign language. I think James notices beacuse he tells her im mute.

"Sorry, I forgot to tell you, Luna is mute."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Melissa says with sympathy.

I give her a sad smile indicating it was okay. I hate it when people use those words, 'im sorry'. Its not their fault and I hate sympathy and pity.

I know you could be thinking what could you say instead, but thats the thing there's nothing really else you could say. I rather have the person stay quiet then say those words if im being honest.

"Luna, after your done eating, we're going out to start your glow up that you wanted to do," James spoke with his mouth full.

I nod.

Once im done, I head upstairs to get ready. James got one of the Maids to leave me clothes to wear. I have a shower and get dressed.

I was wearing some white shorts, an over sized black hoodie that went up to my knees. I think this is james's hoodie. I have white sneakers and I put my hair in a high pony tail.


I open the door to see James standing there. He was wearing a black shirt and blacked ripped jeans. His hair was messy, but still looked good.

"Take a picture, it would last longer," James said smirking.

I roll my eyes and push him out of the way. I hear him following behind and make our way to the car.

After a 10 minute drive we arrive at the mall.

James makes me go into every store and buy a load of stuff. We got clothes, underwear, shoes, makeup and a phone. Yes, I dont have a phone. My father never allowed me to have one. He didnt want me to have contact with anyone especially the police.

I feel really bad beacuse James is spoiling me so much. He already helped me get away from my father, even though that was part of a deal. He let me move into his house and now he's spending so much on a simple me.

Any girl would be lucky to have James and one day I hope he'll find that special girl soon.

After basically buying the whole mall, we go to the gangs tattoo artist. Im so excited.

While I was getting my tattoos done, I thought it would hurt really badly, but it was actually not that bad.

The first tattoo I got was the gang tattoo. It was black angel wings with the gangs name underneath it on my right wrist.

Second, I got a whole sleeve done on my right arm. It was full of roses and other flowers.

Third, I got a bird on the back of my left shoulder, which also has the words 'fly high' next to it.

Finally, I got the word 'king' on my ring finger and the word 'queen' on my middle finger. I was happy with all my tattoos. I loved them all.

Tomorrow is going to be my first day of training...

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