Chapter sixteen

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I woke up in high alert not familiar of my surroundings, but realise I was in the guest room. All of a sudden all the memories of last night came into my head. I'm just hoping that James is okay and is back to normal. He really creeped me out yesterday.

I head to my room and have a shower. Once I'm done I get changed. I put on a white crop jumper, an oversized greyish-black jean jacket, black skinny jeans and to top it off a pair of black boots. I then put my hair into a high ponytail with loose curls and do some natural makeup.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs I smell chocolate. I make my way to the kitchen and see some fresh made brownies. I think I'm in heaven. I grab a brownie and was about to put it into my mouth, but instead it was snatched out of my hand.

"Hey!" I said glaring at Kelsey.

"These brownies are mine," she said stroking the brownie as if she was checking if it was okay.

Wtf is going on? Why is everyone acting so weird? First James and now Kelsey. I knew Kelsey loves her brownies, but don't you think this is a bit over the top?

Before I could say anything James walks in. "What's going on?...ooh brownies!" James said. He grabs a brownie and puts it into his mouth. Oh god he just messed with the devil. I'll see you in hell dear brother.

Like I expected Kelsey tackles James and they both go tumbling down on to the ground. To be honest this was too funny.

"No one messes with my brownies and gets away with it!" Kelsey shouted glaring at James. Just one look of Kelsey's death glare can make a grown ass man shit themselves. Kelsey is like the spawn of the devil when it comes to food.

"Aww, both of you would make a cute couple," I say as I snap a picture of Kelsey still on top of James straddling him, while James trying to get her off of him. They both blush then James's facial expression turns into shock.

"Wait, did you just speak?" He asks. Oh shit. What do I do?

"Kelsey get up, we need to get to school. Mamie is meeting us there. Oh and James I'll see you at the gangs meeting. Yh, okay bye!" I say quickly grabbing Kelsey's arm and dragging her out the house before James could say anything. Oof, that was close.

Shit. I just realised I'm going to have to face everyone at school today and Ashton is going to be one of them. What do I do? Oof, I've been asking that question a lot lately. Oh well.

Anyways, back to solving my problem. I know maybe I should just skip school. I know, I know it won't solve my problem, but I just can't be arse for this shit. I'll sort it out tomorrow if I can be bothered.

Nooo, I just realised Mamie was waiting for us and we can't just ditch her or could we? Nah that's just rude. I may be a killer, but that's too evil. Ugh, now I have no choice to go to school. Fuck my life.

Wait a minute, me and Kelsey can just kidnap her and drag her with us or we could just tell her to meet us at the parking lot and tell her to get into the car? Nah, the second one sounds boring. Kidnapping Mamie it is!

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