Chapter seven

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James's pov:
Let me introduce myself, my name is James and Im nineteen. Im 6'3, which means Im just taller then average making me seem more intimidating. My hair is dirty blond and my eyes are dark blue. I got my eyes from my father, but my hair from my mother.

Im the gang leader of the Black Angels. I know im young to be a gang leader, but I didnt have much of a choice. My father died two years ago leaving the gang in my hands and I won't let him down.

My father was a good man, but terrifying if you ever got on his bad side. He was killed by the rival gang, The Skulls. All they think about is power and nothing else. They would go to extreme measures to be the top gang, even if it means killing off mine and all the other gangs...

I was at my office getting some paper work done, until my right hand man, Kyle comes in. He tells me that Mr. Neveah hasn't paid back the money he borrowed off of me.

I hate it when people do this. They borrow money they cant pay back, so I end up having to kill them. I guess im going to have to pay Mr. Neveah a little vist.

I get my tech people to find his address and make my way there. This is going to be fun...

Right now im standing in the house of Mr. Neveah.

"Where is the money?" I shouted.

"I... have the...the," he stuttered.

"Well you have two options. I either kill you now or you give me something valuable," I sneered.

"You can um...have my daughter. She's a worthless piece of Shit, but would make a good maid," he said. Who the fuck gives their daughter away? It makes my blood boil.

Before I could respond, a girl comes in. She must be this disgusting man's daughter. Just by looking into her eyes, I can tell she's broken and I can see the pain she holds.

"Deal," I whisper looking back at Mr. Neveah. I quickly text my men to find information on this girl. I turn towards her direction and she gulps.

I slowly walk up to her. The girl's breath gets heavier causing me to smirk knowing I have some sort of an effect on her.

I grab her wrist tightly beacuse I don't want to look weak and nice with her father watching. I drag her into a random room. Judging by her face im guessing this is her bedroom.

I Slam the door shut and I see the girl jump...

"Your pathetic father borrowed money from me, but doesn't have the money to pay me back," I spoke calmly.

I look at the girl and see she's consumed by her thoughts, so I look at the message my men sent me with all of her information. By the time I finish reading the message she finally snaps out of her thoughts.

"By the look of your face I can tell you have lots of questions and don't understand whats going on. Am I correct?" I ask.

She nods in response.

"Let me clear everything for you. My name is James. Im nineteen and the gang leader of the Black Angels. Your father can't pay me back, so instead he gave you to me. I basically own you. I do know your mute and no, you are not about to be murdered."

Her facial expression shows I answered all of her questions. Yo, maybe im psychic. However, what shocked me the most is that she's not scared of me. Usually people would look at me with fear and cower away, but she's different.

I already have the urge to protect her. I feel as if I can trust her and spew out all of my secrets. I see her as family. I see her as a baby sister and I barely know her. I wonder if she feels the same way.

I look at her and see shes looking at me. She's probably studying me, like I'm doing to her. When I see her look me in the eye's, I can tell she knows I hide all of my emotions behind them, just like she hides pain behind hers.

I tell her to pack all of her essential stuff and I'll get men to pick up the rest of her things. To be honest, looking around her room she doesn't have much.

Once she's done, we head downstairs and before we leave she looks around her house for the last time.

Im getting her away from this place that's suppose to be her home and giving her a new and better life, where she can finally move on from the past. Its a new start for her...

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