Chapter twelve

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James's pov:
Since Luna has moved in, my life has changed a lot. Im less cold hearted and let people see the real me more other then the gang leader who has no heart.

Luna is slowly breaking down my walls without realizing it. Spending time and getting to know her made me love her as family. She might not be my biological sister but she still my sister and nothing is going to change that.

I also know she's been through a lot and I promised myself that I'll make her happy and give her a better life. That I'll protect her with my life. She's my baby sister and I will do anything in my power to keep her safe.

Luna has also made friends with Mamie and Kelsey, which means they come around the house a lot and I might of gained a little crush on Kelsey. I dont act upon it beacuse I've never felt this way before and I'm worried that she only sees me as her bestfriends brother or just her gang leader.

Anyways, tomorrow is Luna's first day back to school and I'm worried for her. I know she was bullied there and its going to be hard for her to face her tormentors, but I know she'll get through it. She's strong thats one of the reasons I love about her.

The next day
Its morning and I get ready. I put on a black shirt, black ripped jeans and put on black sneakers. I quickly grab my gun and two knives and head downstairs. I dont see Skylar or any of the other girls so I'm guessing they already headed out to school. I eat my breakfast and head to the HQ to do some paperwork.

I finished all of my paperwork and I got a text that the red dragons were causing more trouble and this may end with a war. The gang is going around killing other gang members and me being me my mind drifted off to the girls.

I quickly get into the car and drive to their school to make sure they're okay. I dont know what I'll do if one of them got hurt.

Once I arrive, school was over and I see Kelsey and Mamie. I ask them where Luna was and Kelsey told me she was pulled behind a tree by this guy.

I rushed over there, my blood boiling. Im really close to losing my Shit. I see her standing with a guy. It looks like they were having a conversation, but me being an over protective brother I went over to her and pulled her close to my chest with my arm around her shoulders.

My eyes meet Luna and I look back at the guy. His whole body stiffens and his hands are in tight fists. I wonder if he has a crush on Luna? Personally I dont think he's good enough for her or any boy in that matter. If im being honest I don't want Luna being around guys unless it's me or someone from the gang.

Luna introduces us and I learnt his name was Ashton. Why does that name sound so familiar? Luna gives him her number. Um, what is going on? Don't tell me Luna has a crush on Ashton. I wont allow it. She's not allowed to date until she's sixty or over. I would prefer never, but knowing her she wont listen. I really don't like this.

The reason I don't want Luna dating is beacuse I don't want her to get hurt. She's already been through lot and looking at Ashton he looks like a player. If your thinking im going a bit over the top trust me, I'm not. I know how player's think, well beacuse im one myself. All we do is make a girl fall for us and once we get what we want we're off to the next and im not about to allow that to happen to Luna.

If Ashton really likes her he's going to have to prove to me that my baby sister is in good hands....

Do you this you think James is being a bit over the top?

Do you think he'll approve of Ashton?

Does Luna have a crush on Ashton?

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