Chapter three

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Ashton's pov:
Hi my name is Ashton Price. I have chocolate brown hair and I have hazel, honey eyes. Im 6'1 and pretty buff, but not too buff that I look huge. I like to work out everyday with my bestfriends, Leo and Brandon.

I have a pretty normal teenage life with a loving mother, a father who always puts work before his family and a little brother, Connor who's 5 years old.

Im what you call a bad boy. I may act and dress like one, but those who really know me would say I'm the opposite. Im passionate about love and think love is one of the most strongest things in life. I love reading books. I guess you can call me a book worm.

My home life isn't that bad besides not having the greatest father figure. My father neglects me and the rest of the family. Im more of a father to my brother then he is. All my father thinks about is work and nothing else really matters to him.

There goes my alarm telling me I need to get up and get ready for school. Today is my first day at this school. Me and my family move around a lot because of my dad's work, but he said we should be staying here permanently.

I have a shower and go to my closet. I pick out a white shirt, ripped black jeans and a jacket. Not leather. I know typical bad boys wear a leather jacket, but like I said before I'm not like them.

I head downstairs and see my mum cooking in the kitchen. She loves cooking. When she's not at work she's in the kitchen.

Connor comes running downstairs and sits on the stool waiting for my mum's famous chocolate chip pancakes. I do the same. I know, chocolate chip pancakes, anyone can make it, but my mum adds a secret ingredient to it making it amazing and different from others.

My mum finishes making the pancakes. She says goodbye and goes off to work.

My mum works as an author. She's going to her company for a meeting about publishing her second book. I guess I get my love for books from her. My father owns his own company and is devoted to it like his life depends on it.

My father comes into the kitchen, grabs his keys and leaves. He acts like none of us exist. Do we even matter? Are we just a burden he has to put up with? This is all I think of when my dad is too busy to acknowledge us which basically is always.

Once me and Connor finish our breakfast we both grab our bags and get inside of my car.

On the way to his school, he talked about his new toys. My uncle visited and bought him new cars and now he wont shut up about it. I drop off Connor and head to school.

I arrive at school and see Leo and Brandon. The reason they are here too is because their dads are my father's business partners, so when we move they move too.

I was talking to the boys, but I see this cute, short girl across the parking lot. I dont know why, but I feel a pull towards her. I see a guy with her and my stomach turns. I dont like the fact she's with a guy. Why do I feel this way, I dont even know who she is?

Me and the boys enter the school and people are looking at us. I roll my eyes. Why cant people mind their own fucking business? We get to the office and grab our schedules. Once we're done we head to class. It took us like 5 minutes to find it. This school is big, its like a fucking maze. When we enter class the teacher asks us to introduce ourselves.

"Hi my name is Brandon," he says, but not forgetting to send his famous wink that can get any girl on their knees. I can see all the girls look at Brandon with awe. Wow that was easy.

However, I see one girl that was not effected, but looked intrigued by us. It was the mystery girl from the parking lot. "Hi my name is Leo," Leo says snapping me out of my thoughts.

I move to the front of the guys and introduce myself. "Hi my name is Ashton and dont talk to me and we wont have a problem."

I look back at the mystery girl. For some odd reason my eyes just can't stop admiring her. She was checking all three of us out. It makes me slightly angry to see her looking at the other two. All I want is for her to look at me and me only. Ugh, now I sound possessive. What is she doing to me?

I move my gaze from her to the rest of the class and see a slut fixing herself and fluttering her eyes at us. We all look at her revolted. Im going to try and stay away from that thing. Whatever it is could have a STD and I'm not taking the risk.

I look back at the mysterious girl and see her looking into my eyes. She has gorgeous grey eyes. I find myself getting lost in them. I quickly hide the fact she has an effect on me and smirk at her. She looks down feeling embarrassed. That was the cutest thing Ive ever seen.

The teacher tells us to take a seat and points by the mystery girl who has empty seats around her. That's weird, but works in my luck.

"Just so you guys know who she is, her name is Luna," the teacher says. Hm Luna, what a beautiful name. Its unique and different. She's unique and different.

I sit on her right, Leo on her left and Brandon in front of her. I look at her and all she does is look at her notebook. Is she shy?

I can see that slut glaring at her. It makes my blood boil. I glare back at that slut and she quickly looks away. How dare she look at my angel like that? Did I just call her angel? Wow I'm seriously already whipped and we're not even dating.

Me and the guys look at her and I know she knows we are, but she chooses to blank us. Did we do something wrong?

I nudge her on the side trying to get her attention away from that damn notebook, but she still chooses to ignore us. I nudge her one more time and I hear her wince in pain. I look into those grey eyes of hers and say sorry. All she does is give me a sad smile showing she forgave me.

I had millions of thoughts in my head. Why is she hurt? Why wont she talk? Does she not like us? What is she hiding behind those grey eyes? Why am I attracted to her? Why do I have the urge to protect her? Why does it hurt to see her in pain?

The bell rang and bought me back to reality. I see my angel rush out the door...

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