Chapter twenty

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Luna's pov:

The next day
I here my alarm go off and I get out of bed turning the alarm off. My eyes widen remembering everything that just happened yesterday. I have a fucking DATE tonight. Fuck my life.

I know many girls would like to be in my position. You know getting to go on a date with a hot gang leader and all, but not me. I would rather just sit on the couch and watch movies all day surrounding myself with junk food. Oof, that would literally be amazing right now, but fucking guess what, I can't.

I need something to take my mind of this date and the first thing that popped into my head was food. I heard Melissa made brownies today, I just need to hope that Kelsey doesn't find out. That girl is literally nuts when it comes to brownies. Sometimes she gets a little too crazy and I feel like sending her to a mental hospital to get help, but even they can't help her. To be honest I don't even think god can help knowing her.

If you guys think I'm being a over dramatic, trust me I'm not. Everyone knows not to mess with her and her brownies. Once she caught me eating a brownie and hell broke loose. I still have a scar on my arm to prove it and I'm still scarred and tormented from that day.

Shit. I was so distracted about the date and food that I forgot I had school today. I quickly rush to my room and get dressed. I put on a pair of jean shorts and an over sized shirt, which I think belongs to James. Oh well, men's clothes are literally the comfiest so James ain't getting this shirt back. I put on a pair of black converse's and put my hair into a quick messy bun and ran to the car not having time to put on some makeup.

I arrive at school 10 minutes late. Great. I walk to my first class and meet the teacher's glare. I give an innocent smile and make my way my seat getting my book out acting as if nothing happened and to my surprise it worked. The teacher just rolled their eyes and continued with the lesson. Thank god. I couldn't afford getting a detention, I need all the time I can get to get ready for my date. Why does the word date always cause butterflies to erupt in my stomach and the weird thing is I kinda like the feeling?

The rest of the day went pretty normal. It just consists of me annoying my teachers and then them yelling at me while I don't pay any attention. However, while they were busy yelling at me I had the thought of visiting my dear father, but I need to some how do it without the girls and James finding out. James would literally kill me if he found out that I went back to that house and I know Kelsey and Mamie would end up telling James where I was because he was still their boss.

Eh, I'll just tell them I'm going to the cafe for some quiet time, but instead go to my old 'home'. Hey that reminds me didn't I meet a guy at some coffee place. What was his name again? Eric? No it was Brandon? No. Danny? Oh wait I know who it was now. It was Daniel. Yh that's it, maybe I should visit one of the days, he did seem pretty cool.

What do you think will happen at Luna's and Ashton's date?

What will happen when Luna finally confronts her father?

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