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Izuku drags Todoroki downstairs to join the rest of their classmates who insisted on watching a movie after dinner.

Todoroki and Izuku are some of the last to arrive, leaving them to either share the armchair or sit on cushions on the floor. They both blush when Kaminari teasingly suggests they sit together, though quickly Shoto offers to sit right in front of Izuku rather than sharing.

Todoroki rests his back against Izukus legs. As Kirishima walks down the stairs with Bakugo, he watches Momo grab Jirous hand.

The movie begins and soon most of the class, including Izuku, are singing along to the songs of The Little Mermaid. In just two hours Todoroki is having more fun than the entire weekend at home.

The boys still awake hours later when everyone had gone to bed. He just stares at the ceiling, thinking about the fight between his brother and his father.

Natsuo barely came home anymore, not like he had much of a relationship with him anyway. In high school, his brother would take any chance he got to be out of the house, which made Fuyumi worry to no end. He'd been at the table one night with them when Fuyumi confessed how afraid she was when Natsuo wouldn't be home until the early hours of the morning.

His phone vibrates beside him and he holds it above his face, squinting at the light. It had been a few hours since he'd played his boyfriend back in their iMessage game of darts.

From: Izuku
Are you awake?

To: Izuku
Yeah. Are you alright?

From: Izuku
Can I come over?

Everyone was supposed to be in their own rooms after 9:30 on school nights. Weekends the kids could get permission for sleepovers, but Todoroki doesn't even think twice before telling the other he could.

Todoroki watches as the door opens without a knock, and Izuku crawls into the bed with him, "Bad dream?"

Izuku nods, "I don't really wanna talk about it," he whispers, "How was your weekend?"

Todoroki tells him about everything, trying to keep the boy distracted. On Friday night Fuyumi took him out to dinner, and the next morning they went grocery shopping together. He even told him about studying alone in his room Saturday afternoon.

He explains how him and his sister watched a cooking show, and made lunch based on one of the recipes. He describes the fight between Natsuo and their dad over the meal, which ended with Fuyumi crying.

Izuku just listens, with his head laying on his boyfriends shoulder. His breathing is even, the other boys voice calming him, his heart rate returns to normal.

They lay in the quiet for awhile, content with the other in the bed, "My dreams..."

Izuku smiles when Todoroki jumps at his voice, though it can't be seen in the darkness of the room. He sighs, turning onto his side towards the boy, "They're about my mom," Izuku says quietly.

Todoroki also turns towards him so they're both facing each other. Izuku had never called her his 'mom' before, "Inko?"

"Yeah." Todoroki stays quiet. He doesn't want to pressure Izuku into telling him any specifics, though he can't help the curiosity. The room is silent, other than their breathing.

Izuku continues after awhile of staring into the crimson and gray eyes, "I think I want to see her again."


The boy nods, "Don't tell anyone. I don't want my dads or Bakugo to know."

Todoroki's eyebrows furrow in confusion. He has never met anyone with a better relationship with their parents than Izuku. And his boyfriend hated secrets. His eyes widen when he realizes, "You don't plan on meeting her alone, do you?"

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