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Hizashi looks at his kids sleeping peacefully. The hospital is quiet, and he can't help but hesitate when he leaves to join his husband.

He's about three rooms down, half asleep when the blonde pokes his arm. Aizawa looks over at the girl with a dangerous quirk, but stands to meet the man in the hallway.

The door clicks shut gently, and the two sit directly across the hall so Aizawa can keep his eyes on the girl through the small window. Hizashi grabs his hand, "Are you okay?" He asks quietly.

Three police officers, two heroes, and a student who may have permanently lost such a huge part of his identity, "I will be."

The man won't even look at him. Hizashi gently begins to rub circles and lays his head on his husbands shoulder, looking at the small girl, "Shota?"

Aizawa lifts the mans hand to kiss it, and keeps it pressed against his face, rough from not shaving, "I don't know. She's a little girl."

Hizashi nods, cupping his cheek, "She's younger than Izuku was. It will be hard."

He feels his husbands tears under his hand, "Can we do this? Can we raise a little girl?"

His concerns aren't unfounded, "We have two teenagers," he thinks for a second, and pulls his husbands face towards his, "We've already been looking at houses."

Hizashi looks into the mans tired eyes and continues, "I didn't think we could raise, Izuku, remember? And he is the best thing that's ever happened to us."

Aizawa takes a shaky breath, and rests his forehead against Hizashi's, "I'm really tired."

"I know, baby. Which is why..." he had seen it for a few weeks now. Between arguing with Izuku, teaching, special missions, patrol, and now this. This wasn't something he would ever ask lightly, "Which is why... I want you to take a break."

The man can't take it. The exhaustion finally seeps in and he moves, hiding his head in his hands, "You can stay with Eri, help Izuku and Amajiki. But, please, as your husband- let me take care of you. We both know the road you're heading down, and if you keep going on like this- you'll crash and burn. So please, Shota. Please, just, just take a break. Let someone take care of you for a change."

Hizashi rubs Shota's back while he cries. It had been a long time since he had cried like this. When Izuku had went missing, and he hadn't been able to protect him- that was the start of him pushing his emotions down and letting anger and drive take control. And now, now it was coming out. And it wouldn't stop.

The blonde whispers reassurances in his ear. He tells him that it's okay. That it doesn't make him any less of a hero. That he can come back when he's ready. That he's loved, that he's valued, and that he was more than a hero. He was more than his job.

When he settles down it's like a weight has been lifted from his chest and he stands only to fall into his husbands lap, "Are you sure I can?" He whispers, breathing in the smell of Hizashis shirt.

"Of course. And if you really don't think we can take Eri in, that's okay too. We can talk about it more in the morning." His husbands weight is entirely relaxed against his body, but he can't complain. He runs his fingers through this husbands hair, dust and sweat coating it, "I'll stay awake, in case Eri wakes up. Just rest, alright?"

He can barely hear it, but he recognizes the breath against his chest as it sighs, "I love you, Hizashi."

"I love you too, Shota."

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