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Izuku tries to hide his yawn during his dad's class, but the observant man doesn't hesitate to call him out, "Am I boring you, Izuku?"

A couple kids snicker, but the boy just blushes while shaking his head. Him and Todoroki had stayed up last night watching scary movies, and he would be lying if it didn't affect his sleep, "Now," the man sighs, "With your work studies beginning, I'm bringing in a few of your upperclassmen to talk to you. Be respectful, ask appropriate questions. I'm taking a nap."

He opens the door, letting the three third years into the classroom. When his dad is settled into his sleeping bag, the blonde introduces himself, "Hey guys! My name is Mirio Togata, or LeMillion. I know a few of you have met my friends here, but we're known as the Big Three, and we wanna give you some advice about work study."

Nejire steps forward, waving to Izuku, "My name is Nejire Hado. I've met a few of you when I made cookies with Izuku, but I'd really like for you guys to introduce yourselves so I can learn a bit more about you. If you guys can tell us your name, hero name, and your quirk, that would be great!"

Of course, Aoyama is the first to stand up and greet the third years, "I am Yuga Aoyama, my hero name is The Shining Hero: Can't Stop Twinkling." He strikes a pose, drawing attention to his torso, "My quirk is naval laser!"

The entire class jumps when the third year squeals, "That's so cool! I love your hero name- so does your laser come straight from your belly button? Why do you need a belt? Is it so you're able to concentrate the energy and have more precise attacks-"

"Ms. Nejire," Aizawa grumbles from inside the closed sleeping bag, "You have forty five minutes, save your questions for a later time."

The girl blushes, but nods, cueing Kaminari to stand up and give his introduction. Slowly the class goes through their introductions, and at some point Amajiki moves to face the wall, not even looking at the first years. Izuku giggles quietly to himself and stands when it's his turn, "Izuku Aizawa-Yamada, my hero name is Deku, and my quirk is Transfer."

When everyone is done, Mirio claps his hands, "Well, I suppose it is our turn now. My name is Mirio Togata, and my hero name is LeMillion because my goal is to save a million people. My quirk is Permeation, so I'm able to shift through space. Like this!"

Everyone except Izuku and Bakugo are surprised to see him disappear out of thin air, until he snaps back into existence behind Bakugo. He pats the boys head, "Gotcha Dynamight."

Bakugo growls at the third year, throwing a punch without hesitation, but he's too slow because before he makes contact Mirio has disappeared and again stands in front of the class. He sticks his tongue out at the younger boy, and the entire class laughs as steam pours out of his ears.

"Okay, okay, my name is Nejire Hado, and my hero name is Nejire-Chan! My quirk is Wave Motion, and it allows me to fly and I have really good stamina!"

Everyone and their mom looks at the boy who's practicing deep breaths standing against the wall. Mirio sighs, closing his eyes and rubbing his head, "Ama, it's your turn."

"Amajiki Tamaki. Sun Eater. Manifest."

Izuku grins. He can't help but take this chance to tease his brother, "Can you show us what Manifest is?"

He can imagine the glare the boy gives him, but he isn't able to for long because suddenly he's wrapped in a slimy tentacle, "STOP IT!" Izuku whines, feigning vomiting. He hated this thing, it felt like he was being wrapped by a wet, constricting python, with little suction cups that leave hickeys.

The tentacle lifts him off the ground, but only a moment passes before their dad sighs, the sound of the zipper of the sleeping bag opening interrupting the squelching of the appendage, "Mr. Amajiki, put him down. Izuku, stop teasing him. No fighting in my classroom," Aizawa speaks sharply, causing giggles from the rest of the class. The third year blushes, but retracts the tentacle, leaving Izuku to wipe the slime off of his skin.

Mirio chuckles, and proceeds as if nothing had happened, "Alright, so work studies. I work with Sir Nighteye just outside of Jakku City. Each work study is different depending on what hero and sidekicks you are working with, so I'll just share my general experience with you guys! Sound good?"

The class nods, many taking up their pens ready to take notes, "As a third year, I need about 600 hundred hours throughout the school year to receive credit, though I have already hit 200 hundred. You see, in this position you will receive a lot of experience, with both fights and rescues, and a LOT of paperwork. We learn a lot, and almost everyone I know practices their work studies year round as long as it is okay with their agencies."

Nejire jumps in, "I've been working with Dragon Hero: Ryukyu since the beginning of my second year! She's super cool. Every agency I've heard of will throw you into the action right away, just to see what you have. Don't be afraid to ask for help from your mentor, they will back you up and help you through tough situations!"

Mina raises her hand and asks the third years about their specific experiences. That's all it takes for Nejire and Mirio to lose their responsible upperclassman front and tell the class about hero work. For the rest of the class, everyone jokes around, and even Amajiki seems to relax a little with his head pressed against the wall.

Finally when the bell rings, everyone hustles out of the room, except the purple haired boy who takes a deep breath. When the room is empty, a voice comes from the yellow sack in the corner, "We really need to work on that confidence, kid." It grumbles.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."


"I just don't understand why you have to go to his agency."

Todoroki rolls his eyes, grateful his boyfriend couldn't see as Izuku was busy braiding the bi-colored hair. He has explained plenty why he was going to work with his father, the boy just refused to actually listen, "He is the Number One Hero."

"That means nothing."

"It means he does his job, and he does his job well. The purpose of work study is to learn directly from active heroes who will pass their knowledge onto us. He is the best hero I can learn from."

"He may be a good hero, but-"

"Izuku, stop." Shoto turns his head, giving his boyfriend a hard look, and ignores the tugging of his hair, "Me and him, we're working on our problems. If you didn't know me, you would be ecstatic for this opportunity."

Izuku groans.

He knows he's right. If he didn't know about how Fuyumi raised Todoroki practically on her own, how his boyfriend endured ruthless training from his dad at just five years old. How his boyfriend spent almost his entire life alone because of how his father isolated him. Enji Todoroki majorly sucked.

"I'm just... worried."

The hair falls from Izukus hand, and Todoroki gets to his knees. Izuku has flopped dramatically on the bed, leaving the other smiling down at him. Izuku covers his eyes, but he can't help the blush that spreads to his cheek when he feels his boyfriends lips peck against his, "I know."

"You're still doing family therapy?"

"Yes." Another kiss.

"Things are getting better?"

Izuku moves his arm from his face, smiling into the next kiss, "Yes."

"You promise?"

"Yes." Izuku grabs the boys face, stopping the next kiss. Todoroki meets the emerald green eyes, and smiles, "I promise, Izuku. I'll be alright."

He sighs, and pulls his boyfriends face towards his own, "Fine. I'll let it go."

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