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Izuku quietly closes the door to his dads empty apartment. Usually the man would be up waiting for him, but when he wasn't in bed or in the living room, Izuku began to worry.

He doesn't even bother to walk up the stairs and stays right outside the door that separates Aizawas living area from the students. He pulls up the tracking app, trying to rationalize he may be running late from patrol or at Papa's apartment.

When the screen loads, his panic increases. His dad and papa were both at the hospital. Barely a second passes before he's waiting for his dad to pick up.

"Hey, kiddo. You make it back?"

Izuku tries to stay calm, but he swears his dad would be able to hear his heartbeat through the phone, "Why are you and Papa at the hospital? Are you guys okay?"

"We're alright. Amajiki had an accident on patrol tonight, but he's going to be okay. He'll be released within the next hour or two."

After forcing his dad to put his brother on the phone, and fifteen minutes of reassurance that, "Yes, Izuku, I'm fine!" Izuku hangs up and heads to Todorokis room.

The boy is still scrolling through Instagram and smiles when Izuku lets himself in, "Hey."


"Everything okay?"

Izuku goes to the other side of the bed. Todoroki turns his phone off and switches to his other side to meet his boyfriends eyes, "Ama-chan is in the hospital."

Shoto's eyes widen, and he searches the other boys face to try and gauge how he's doing, "I'm sorry, what happened?"

"He was shot."

"With a gun?"

Izuku nods and scoots a bit closer, "Yeah, but like, the bullet wasn't a real bullet I guess. Dads said he'd be home in a few hours," Izuku continues before too much silence has passed, "Did you end up getting tickets for the family festival yet?"

"Not yet. Natsuo's still deciding, but I convinced my mom to come. Fuyumi wants to have dinner with you."

Izukus face flushes red. He's happy his boyfriends taking his mind off Amajiki, but it's still embarrassing, "Why?"

"To get to know you, I guess? She wants it to happen sometime next week since Natsuo will be home for a few days."

"Will Endeavor be there?"

Todoroki nods, "My mom won't, her residence has a curfew."

Izuku sighs. Just a couple months ago Todoroki had to have dinner with his dads, it was only fair. It was a bit embarrassing though, "Alright, I'll let you know when my work study is."

He feels his boyfriend reach for his hand, and he welcomes the warmth as it pulls him closer. His eyes are beginning to adjust to the dark room, but it's not as dark as usual. There a nightlight in the corner and tears fill Izukus eyes, "Is that new?"

Todoroki give him a soft smile, "You said you were scared of the dark because it reminded you of..." he stops himself from saying his name, "Anyway, I don't want you to be scared when you sleep over."

If Izuku could, he'd wrap his boyfriend in a hug so tight he's not sure if Shoto would have the ability to breathe. Instead he squeeze his hand and whispers, "Thank you."

He always felt so safe with him. Just his presence in the same bed reminded him that he was safe, that he wasn't alone.

His breath catches in his throat as he thinks to himself, "I love him".

"It was nothing."


Kirishimas leg bounces anxiously as he tries to focus on his homework. It was finally the weekend, but he was at Bakugos house waiting for dinner with his family.

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