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idk during Izukus second year or somethin

"Just have an open mind, alright babe? Maybe we'll learn something."

An open mind his ass. Aizawa watched with disbelief as the other parents take notes about how hitting children is wrong, "Is everything alright, Shota? I see you haven't been writing anything down."

He glances at his husbands notepad which is full of scribbles and doodles, "It's Mr. Aizawa."

The instructor gives him a tight smile, her lips drawing a thin line, "Well, this is a great time for an open discussion about discipline. Would you be willing to start?"

"No." Hizashi kicks him under the table, but all he adds is, "Thank you."

The woman takes a deep breath, and goes to the table next to them, "Okay, Mrs. Hinata? If a child were to break your rules, what would you do to discipline them?"

The lady looks at her husband, and then her notes, "Well, we would express our frustration, and probably add some kind of consequence, like... taking away electronics for a couple of weeks."

Aizawa snorts which causes the instructor to sigh loudly, "That's a great answer, Mrs. Hinata. Mr. Aizawa, how would you handle the situation?"

Hizashi hides his face in his hands, embarrassed, "Well, we wouldn't take away their phones or computers."

"I didn't ask what you wouldn't do."

Aizawa sighs, "Fine. First we would sit them down and talk about what they did wrong, and stress why the rule is important to follow. We'd then discuss options about a consequence and come to a conclusion together."

A woman across from them speaks up, "You let your child choose their punishment? Is it even really a punishment then?"

"Traditional consequences don't work for our family, so we don't have traditional rules," Aizawa spits, "We don't take away computers because our kids use them for school work, and we never take away phones because that cuts off communication with us and we don't believe in taking away that with their support systems in their friends and other family."

Hizashis voice is quiet, adding a forced smile, "Usually we settle on a punishment like grounding, where they're only allowed to school and home for a week or so."

"Your kids must be fucking angels," a man grunts, causing the entire room to chuckle quietly.

The dark haired man narrows his eyes, but is distracted by another kick to his shin, "They're kids," Hizashi grins along with those other idiots, "They're not supposed to be perfect."

"Do you think you could share an example of how you deal with conflict?" The instructor regains the attention of the room.

The blondes just relieved that she speaks to him rather than his guarded husband, "When our son was younger, he had very explosive behaviors and on occasion those behaviors became destructive. Rather than get angry, once we all had calmed we had a conversation about the situation and the importance of personal safety."

Aizawa crosses his arms, sighing as he adds, "Most matters can be solved with a conversation. Kids learn from consequences, so as long as they're being safe, life will teach them that."

"So what do you do when your children break curfew?" The woman was actually relieved these two men were here, gave her a break from teaching. She'd read their file, one adult son, a teenage son, and a young foster daughter. They were only required to take this parenting class to renew their foster licenses.

"Well, it depends," Hizashi answers honestly, "If they're late because they were partying or climbing on roofs, we'd be very upset. After talking with them, we'd decide on how long they should be grounded for, although that's only happened once before."

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