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"So, have your classes decided on an event for the school festival?" Yamada asks over dinner.

Izuku begins to tell the men about how they were able to agree on a concert and who was doing what, grinning as Eri's eyes brighten with each word.

Amajiki picks at his food. Mirio hasn't responded to any of his texts in four days. He hadn't come back to the dorms, hasn't been to class, he had completely ghosted everyone. His entire class who were so excited for the festival had now replaced that excitement with dread that something bad had happened to their classmate.

Everyone was in the dark, and everyone kept asking him and Nejire, and the answer was the same, I don't know.


The boy blinks, turning to Aizawa, "Uh... I think we're doing a restaurant or something." Before the man can ask what they're serving Amajiki blurts out, "Have you guys heard from Mirio?"

"That's LeMillion!"Eri says.

Aizawa gives her a tight smile, "That's right. Has he spoken to you?"

Amajiki shakes his head, and Yamada continues for his husband, "Well, for the time being he will be unable to continue in the hero course. We've talked to him and he's agreed to look after Eri during the day for us, so he'll be around."

The little girl cheers. Honestly, she was all over the place. Just half an hour before dinner she'd been throwing a fit about socks.

Izuku eats quickly, half listening to the conversation as he texts his boyfriend under the table. Phones were absolutely not allowed during meals, but his dads seemed a bit preoccupied with Eri and Tamaki so he wasn't too concerned.

He finishes long before the others and stands to leave, "Thank you for the food!"

"Unless you're going to clean off your plate and put it in the dishwasher, your butt is staying in that chair." Whenever his papa singsongs mean things in a happy tone, Izuku could easily be convinced the man was a villain.

"Right, sorry!"

He goes over to the sink, quickly wiping off the plate as his dad says, "Even though I won't be living in the dorm, curfew is still at nine on school nights."

"Yeah," Izuku rolls his eyes, "I know."

"Watch the attitude," Aizawa adds, taking a sip of water.

Izuku turns to face them, "You couldn't even see me!"

His dad narrows his eyes, "I see everything. Including those bags under your eyes, so it'd be smart to I get to bed early instead of texting Todoroki all night."

Izuku huffs, slamming the dishwasher closed a bit too hard. Hizashi sighs as he leaves the apartment, grabbing his husbands hand that's resting on the table, "When did our sweet little boy turn into an angsty teenager?"

Said angsty teenager goes straight to his boyfriends room. Lately it seemed as if they never had time to see each other.

The two work on homework on the floor together, talking about their classmates and teachers as they study, "I'm sorry, but Ms. Midnight would beat Allmight in a fight in five seconds flat."

Izuku scoffs, "Not a chance, he would be able to knock her out before she could even enable her quirk."

The debate goes on for awhile before it turns to Gang Orca and Present Mic and by the time the buzzer goes off on the intercom, signaling the curfew time, the two are in a fit of giggles. Izuku begrudgingly begins to pick up his worksheets and textbooks.

Todoroki does the same, a calm quiet filling the room as doors slam from the hallway with their classmates returning to their own room.

The same feeling makes Izuku pause and he takes a deep breath, "Hey, Shoto?"

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