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His dad owed Izuku big time. Amajiki and Mirio were left to care for Eri, So Izuku was left as his dads only buffer for the dinner. But his grandparents were not making it any easier on him, "You know a home-cooked meal would have been nice after such a long day. I'm sure since you began your little vacation you've had plenty of time to refine those cooking skills."

Of course it doesn't matter the man has a full time job. Hizashi kicks the man under the table while Izuku forces a smile, "Did you teach Papa how to cook his amazing soba, Mr. Yamada?"

The family sits in a booth in a dark corner of the sushi restaurant. Hizashi sits between his parents, his husband directly across from him. From the look on Aizawa's face, he's got maybe an hour before he completely snaps.

Grandpa Yamada tells a funny story about his papa cooking when he was little, distracted. Izuku scoots closer to Aizawa, squeezing his hand under the table. The man gives him an appreciative look.

The food comes out and they make it about halfway through the meal without another comment, but the tension only builds as a moment of quiet passes, "Well, Shota, when I saw you on TV I thought you'd graduated to a more... sophisticated look."

The man doesn't say a word, and while he directs a string of obscenities through thought his son jumps in, "Papa, did you see Nejire-Chan won the beauty contest?"

Hizashi smiles, "I did! I managed to catch the last part of her performance. She's changed so much since her first year."

"You know, Izuku, I was really hoping that we'd get to see you on stage."

Izuku laughs uncomfortably, putting his hand to his mouth as he tries to swallow his half chewed food, "Yeah, apparently I have the rhythm of a panicked elephant."

"Ah yes, you must get that from Shota. You should have seen him dance at his wedding, wait. We weren't invited to that."

"Jesus Christ," the dark haired mutters. Hizashi just looks at his mother in disbelief, not even sparing a warning glare at his husband.

Izuku looks between his two dads, not sure how to help this situation, "Uh, we're going to have a real wedding for them soon."

"And will we be invited to this one?"


"Not at this rate," Aizawa spits, setting his chopsticks on the table.

"Dad!" Izuku whispers, nudging his father.

"Of course, exclude us from this too. Just like you have in every other aspect of our sons life."

Well, the only thing to do now was watch this absolute shitstorm pass. There was nothing Izuku could say to try and remedy this fight.

Aizawa chuckles, looking at his husband, "Zashi..."

The blonde sighs. That tone told him that the man was only a few minutes away from going off. Heaven forbid his parents attempt civility, "Mom, Dad, it was nice seeing you but I think it's time we get going."

"No. He can leave, I'd like to spend time with my son and grandchild," Mrs. Yamada spits back.

"Are you joking? You've been taking jabs at him all night!" The entire table is surprised to hear the youngest speak.

"Izuku," Aizawa says harshly, "Please don't get involved with this."

Izuku just shakes his head, leaning back into the seat of the booth, "I'm already involved. You guys are mean and judgy. Plus you make me call you Grandpa and Grandma when I don't want to!"

"If your father let you spend more time with us-"

"I have two fathers! Who I love and respect. And they don't only respect me back, but each other. And I don't like hanging out with you because you constantly disrespect the men I admire."

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