Authors Note

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Hey everyone! I'd like to thank you all for sticking with me as it took much longer than expected to finish this book. I am happy I took my time as I'm very happy with how it turned out!

I love reading all your comments and I can't tell you just how much I appreciate the votes and reads!

Now, what y'all actually want: future updates.

First, I have a ton of extra stuff written for this story that wouldn't quite fit into the main story. So I'm going to have about three or four extra updates that take place after this book.

However, this book is finished- so it will be marked as completed.

Second: I have a Lot of other fics in the works. I hope to begin posting them by the end of this year, so I'll give you a brief description of each should you want to give me a follow to stay updated 😘

         Working Title: Two Heroes and a Hustler
               - A BakuTodoDeku Soulmate AU -
- MC: Izuku, Bakugo, Todoroki
- SC: Aizawa, Yamada, Shinsou, Eri, Amajiki, Hatsume
     Izuku is a genius and after getting arrested for drug and weapon production he's taken in by two heroes as a last ditch effort to turn his life around. At UA he's reunited with the soulmate he lost in childhood and finds his second. How will these two prospective heroes handle a boy who's past is riddled with darkness and crime?
(Expected Length: 20-25 Chapters)

                      Working Title: The Pianist
                                  - ShinKami -
- MC: Kaminari, Shinsou
- SC: Jirou, Mr. and Mrs. Kaminari, Aizawa, Bakugo
       Denki has lived a double life for as long as he can remember. But it wasn't nearly as difficult before UA's hero course. A child prodigy shouldn't have to work as hard as he does, but now the stress of managing his relationships, schoolwork, work study, and piano competitions are taking a massive toll on his body. Also his moms a bitch.
(Expected Length: 10-15 Chapters)

                     Working Title: Save a Horse
                         - EraserMic Rodeo AU -
- MC: Aizawa, Yamada
-SC: Shinsou
         The bullriding fanatic meets a tall blonde trick rider at the rodeo. The two hook up various times over the summer, but after he's ghosted- Aizawa discovers Yamada to be his nephews English teacher. Their relationship grows quickly, but Aizawas thrill seeking ways turn out to be more dangerous than Yamada could have imagined.
(Expected Length: 8-12 Chapters)

And finally, I just want to tell you all just how much these books meant to me. I began writing fanfiction as a way to practice for my original stories, but very quickly I learned just how unique this genre is. It's unique because it already has a fan base- it has you.

The love and support I've gotten has been unbelievable. I laugh at the comments, tell my friends when I've hit certain milestones, and I want to become a better writer not just for myself- but for the idea that it can make someone's day just a little brighter by posting.

So thank you, it has been absolutely amazing.

I'll see you in a few days for the next updates, I hope to see you again 😁


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