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Aizawa sighs as he watches his husband and son argue. He's a little ashamed to admit that he's happy that it wasn't just Shota, and that the little brat was acting out.

"You know the rules, Izuku, we spend Sundays together-"

"But Todoroki is going to be at his work study so we can't hang out until Thursday!"

"The answer is no, end of discussion. Now go brush your teeth."

Steaming, Izuku storms out of the living room, right past the sleepy little girl who'd just come out from her room, "You guys are the worst!" He shouts before slamming the bathroom door.

Hizashi comes over to the couch, dropping and shaking his head, "You hear that Sho? We're the worst."

Aizawa glares at him, pressing the Velcro together on the dolls dress, "We're terrible parents."

Eri grabs her newly dressed doll, flying her around the room. The dark haired man extends his legs from his criss-crossed applesauce position, letting his husband braid his hair, "Is it really worth fighting him so hard over this? It's one weekend."

Hizashi combs through the mans hair, "I hardly get to see him right now. I miss you guys."

"I know, baby. But do you really want to spend all day with him pouting?"

"When he's off to college in a few years, we'll be missing him pouting." The door to the bathroom and the boys bedroom slams so hard it seems to shake the apartment.

Aizawa takes a deep breath, "I hate teenagers sometimes."

Yamada chuckles to himself, "Yes."

"Izuku!!" Eri shouts banging on the door with her doll, "Izuku!!"

At the same time both men turn their heads to the short hallway to see Izuku open his door, "What?"

"What girl heroes can fly?"

The dramatic teenager melts when he hears that, so he grabs the girl and bring her to his room while glaring at his his parents. Yamada lets out a breath, "Holy shit that was cute."

Aizawa tries to relax, looking at the clock. Each minute that passed just brought more anxiety to weigh upon his chest, "I'm gonna call him."

"No, you're not."

"He knows to be here by eight-"

"He told us he'd be a little late. We need to show him that we trust him."

"Ugghhh," Shota groans. Hizashi only smiles, undoing the braid so he can start again, "Can I at least check his location?"


The two exchange playful banter for awhile before Aizawa gives up, handing his husband his phone. It's not that he didn't trust the kid, he just wanted to make sure he was safe.

Eri and Izuku both come back into the living room, "DAAAADS," the little girl pleads loudly.

"Inside voices, Eri," Aizawa warns.

"I really really really want a Ryukyu doll!"

Aizawa raises an eyebrow at his son, "You mean the two hundred dollar limited edition DragonHero figure Izuku wants for Christmas?"

"She can fly!!"

Izuku lifts the girl onto his shoulders, holding her arms out. Eri pretends to be an airplane as her brother flies her around the room. The two men don't know what sort of magic the little girl had worked on their angsty teen, but they were too preoccupied with the scene unfolding before them.

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