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He hadn't been to his house in years, even before his parents disowned him.

It took a long conversation with his husband to work up the courage to visit the old house.

It had worked out so Aizawa could drop Izuku off at Nighteyes agency for an interview, he could make the next train to get to a suburb of Hosu and order an Uber to get out to his parents estate.

He'd really do anything to avoid driving.

The passcode to the front gate is still the same, and as soon as it opens the car takes off. Aizawa has the sinking feeling that he should have gone with the driver.

He takes a deep breath before knocking on the door, and as he does his phone pings with a notification, scaring the absolute bajesus out of him. He pulls out his phone to find a message from his husband.

From: Hizashi ❤️
I love you and I'm really proud of you for doing this. Please call me to tell me how it goes on your way home. I love you!!!

Hes typing his response when a voice sounds over the PA system, "I'll be right there!"

Aizawa smiles fondly at the woman, though she's too quick to notice as she wraps her arms around the man before the doors even fully opened.

"It's been far too long, Shota!"


Ms. Ito had been the families maid since the man was eight years old. She would play piano while Aizawa did homework. He was happy to see she was still around.

"Your mother is out to tea, but she should be back any minute now. I'm going to fetch your father," she says, leading him into the familiar foyer. She reaches up to touch his face gently, "I've missed you kiddo."


It's not as if Aizawa had a bad childhood. He had everything he might have needed. Food, clothes, books, toys, it's not as if his parents had kept anything from him. When he came out to them in high school, they accepted him and Hizashi whole-heartedly.

But he was a weird kid. He never got along with other kids well, and hardly ever made an effort to make friends. He was always alone, and he didn't realize until he went to university and took a few child development and adolescent psychology courses just why that was.

His parents provided the basic necessities, though very little on the emotional front. The only time he had ever heard that they were proud of him was when he told them he was going to study math in university. Proud of him for a lie.

They loved him, but the word was empty. The only person who he ever felt loved by was his grandma.

And Hizashi.

No matter how much the blonde would irritate him, no matter how often he would disturb his studies or scare him by popping out from around a corner, he never really minded.

Aizawa would get annoyed at times, sure, anyone would when a human megaphone (sirens and all) decides to be your best friend.

He tried so hard to push the other boy away, tried so hard to keep him at a distance, terrified of his friend seeing him as the failure and disappointment he is.

Until he broke down.

The pressure had gotten to him. Aizawa recieved a B in class, and was terrified of going home.

Of course, the fifteen year old blonde knew something was wrong. The entire day Aizawa had look ill, so when he went to meet him for lunch, instead of the nonstop chatter to make up for the one-sided conversation- he gave his friend a hug.

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