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"She's out."

Mirio watches his boyfriend, standing in the doorway. He had left the room so the boy could take a call. It doesn't take a genius to know who he's talking about.

"Oh." Mirio grimaces at his tone, happy Amajiki is turned away from him. He'd expressed his distaste for the woman before, and it always ended in a fight. He promised he'd be more supportive despite his personal feelings, "That's... How do you feel about that?"

The boy stares out the window. The social worker said that they couldn't get ahold of his foster parents so they called him directly, "I don't... Good, I guess."

He's changed. Before, Amajiki would have done anything to be with his mom. Before, he would have been jumping with joy, hugging Mirio with all his might and crying with happiness.

It's not as if getting taken away from her was any more traumatic than the other times. She broke her parole, and got put back in jail. She didn't hurt him, or endanger him.

He still loved her.

But now... Mr. Aizawa and Mr. Yamada, they were always kind. Even when he was in trouble, it was always because they cared. He didn't have to deal with the emotional rollercoaster that was his mom. Didn't have to worry about her waking up hating him and throwing him out of the house. Didn't have to worry about missing school because she wanted to go to a movie together.

One of the reasons he wanted to be with his mom so bad was because he didn't want to be with the foster families. But... He really wants to be with his two teachers.

They bought him clothes and shoes, way more than he needed. They would always bring new foods home, and try strange recipes so he could experiment with his quirk, and if it ended up being bad- they'd order a pizza instead of letting him go hungry. They'd help him with his homework, and give him money to spend. At first he refused to take it, but they began to put it in the pockets of his bag and uniforms. They would never take it back from him when he tried so he eventually gave up.

But he was going to be an adult soon. And he didn't know if his foster parents would support him after he graduated. His mom would. Or she would try.

"I'm... happy for you," Mirio forces out, taking a few steps into the room. He sighs, "Really, Tamaki. I am. Did Ms. Ito say when you could see her?"

"Not until she has a place to live. She's in a halfway house now, saving for a deposit on an apartment..."

"She has a job already?" He sits next to Amajiki, taking his hand in his own. His boyfriend was notorious for disappearing inside of his own head.

"Yeah, as a housekeeper. She's applying for a battered women's program and trying to get back on food stamps."

Mirio knew better than to ask about his father. He'd tried before when they were young, but after two weeks of radio silence after the question he'd let it go. Now wasn't the time to bring it up again, "That's good. She's smart, she'll be back on her feet in no time."

She always was. As soon as she got out of jail or rehab centers she did everything she could to get him back. She would stay on her meds, stay clean, stay away from shady meds, she would do absolutely everything right until he was back in her care.

But very slowly, she would resort back to her old ways. And Amajiki would get hurt again.

"I'll probably have a visit in a month."

Mirio lays his head on his boyfriends shoulder, hearing his steady heartbeat, "That's good."



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