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To: Todoroki
I'm ready to talk.

About everything. All of it.

Let me know when you feel the same.

To: Izuku
Are you busy after dinner?

Izuku jumps up from his bed as he reads the message. It had been three days since he sent the message (four since the secret mission), and he'd finally got a response!

However, despite the initial excitement, his stomach sinks when he realizes what the response means.

Tonight, Todoroki would discover everything about his past. He can't help but feel conflicted- it was nice having someone who only had an image of the present version of himself.

He'd had a four hour emergency therapy session as soon as he finished filing the police report. He went over everything, starting from the first time Tsukauchi visited to the meltdown about Inko to his final words to Hisashi.

And now he sat here with a cat on his lap, wondering where he was supposed to even start with Todoroki.

To: Todoroki
Yes. Want to meet around 6?


A swift punch to his gut is how his best friend greets him. Izuku gasps, doubling over as he tries to catch his breath. But the blonde simply pushes him into the wall, "ARE YOU ACTUALLY A FUCKING IDIOT?!!"

Kirishima grabs his boyfriends arm, sending a short glance of sympathy but Bakugo doesn't try to hit him again, "Do you actually want to fucking die?! Stupid- stupid Deku!"

He continues to yell, repeating parts of the event he'd heard from Kirishima with insults thrown in every sentence. But Izuku smiles, cutting him off by wrapping his arms around his friends waist, "I'm sorry, Kacchan."

And just like that, Bakugo softens, hugging him close, "What were you thinking, stupid Deku?"

Izuku knew he didn't need the apology, but it didn't stop him from feeling sorry. He had hurt his best friend, scared him. What Bakugo wanted was answers, "I was exhausted. And I didn't want to die," he lets his arms fall as the blonde steps back, "I promise I'll explain everything later. But I need to talk to Shoto."

With some persuasion from Kirishima, the two leave the boy alone in the hallway. He takes a breath before opening his door.

He grimaces upon seeing the state of his room, but is more concerned that Todoroki wasn't there waiting for him. He was always early, while Izuku was right on time or five minutes late.

His desk is missing a drawer, all of its contents piled on top of the dark wood. Right by his All-Might poster there are littering that side of the wall. His bed wasn't made, his nightstand still knocked over with the broken lamp placed to the side.

He's sure his papa had tried to clean it up before Aizawa stopped him. He's sure the conversation was similar to what the man had told him.

"You made a mess, Izu. We'll clean it up together when you're ready."

He was ready to face Hisashi and Inko. Ready to clean up the room he destroyed.

But was he ready to bare his soul to the boy he loved?

He's about to find out.

"Hey." He turns to see Todoroki standing in the doorway. As the door falls gently shut behind him he says, "Youre early."

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