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Aizawa doesn't turn to watch them leave, instead focusing his eyes on Chisaki who's in the middle of the battle with Sir Nighteye, "Mirio, you need to leave now!"

He didn't have time to assess the damage, but all it took was a quick glance upon arriving to see the boy was injured. Half the blonde's face was covered in blood, but despite the order he just falls to the ground.

The scene suddenly shifts causing the man to blink. Nighteyes above him, with a stone spike impaling him through his chest. Aizawa rushes to his feet despite the pounding in his head to put himself between his student and the villain, but he's met with a clear wall that encloses around him.

He watches helplessly, his quirk blocked from engaging, "He'll never be able to use his quirk again."

He was too late.

Chisaki pulls a gun straight to Mirio's head, and without hesitation he pulls the trigger.

Aizawa shouts, banging on the wall, tears filling his eyes, "STOP!"

But when the man turns around, it's Hisashi Midoriya smiling back at him.

Bile rises to his throat when he looks down. Izuku's in front of him, "Dad please don't let him hurt me!"

The fear in his sons eyes must match his own as his vision is blurred by tears. Aizawa chokes on his own breath as the man pulls out a knife, "Please, Hisashi- don't do this, please please"

The next thing he sees is a blade through his sons chest, and he drops to his knees. He doesn't know when he started screaming, but everything is silent again when Hisashi says, "You're too late."

And in front of him lays Oboro, blood streaking down his face.

Aizawa gasps, bolting straight up, grasping at his chest.

His heart pounds as he recognizes the feeling of tears streaming down as his cheeks. He brings his hand to his mouth to stifle the sob, but he's met with a warm chest.

"It's okay, Sho- everything's okay. You're safe, my love, you're safe now."

He grasps at his husbands leather jacket, as he holds him close, "Hizashi-" he cuts himself off with another loud sob.

"Shhh, I know," he strokes his knotted hair, "I'm here, my love. I'm right here."

The blonde can recognize a panic attack when he sees one, so he kisses the top of the man's head, holding him tight to his chest, "Listen to my heart beat. Breathe with me, ready?"

The next few minutes are hard, but the exaggerated breaths he follows allows air to enter his lungs. So he breathes, and cries. And he lets his husband hold him.

With Shotas breathing under control, he speaks softly, "Izuku and Tamaki are in their beds, sleeping. So is Eri. Everyones safe, my love. Everyone's okay."

He repeats the words every few minutes, combing his long fingers through his hair. Hizashi hated seeing that kind of fear in his husbands eyes.

Finally the man whispers, "What time is it?" Half hoping it would be early enough he could justify not going back to sleep.

Hizashi glances at the clock, "It's almost midnight."

The last tear rolls down his cheek. He was wearing his hero costume, "Youre going on patrol?"

"Yes, my love."

"Don't," he asks, pressing his face deeper. His hands wrap around his back, "Don't."

The man sighs, squeezing him tight, "I have to Sho."

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