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"'Zashi!" Aizawa calls from the bedroom.

Present Mic sits on the couch, a cup of tea in hand as he uses a red pen to make corrections on his students essays, "What?!" He calls back.

"How many of my hoodies do you have?"

The dark haired man stands in the hallway, glaring at his husband. Hizashi grins sheepishly. He was definetely wearing one at that very moment, "Only three."

Shota raises an eyebrow, "I'm down to two. I should have a few more."

Yamada is quick to respond, "What makes you think I have them all?"

This was a problem in high school when they were dating, but ever since they moved in together the familiar argument hadn't happened for years. Sharing a closet made all clothes fair game, but now that they were living separately, Aizawa couldn't help but find it frustrating recycling the same two sweatshirts.

"You're sure you only have three? None in the dirty laundry or under your bed?"

"I just did laundry yesterday," he rolls his eyes, "I am positive I only have three."

"Well where else could they be?"

"Have you checked under your bed, or maybe your laundry heap?"

Shota scowls, and marches back to his room to check.

At the same time, Izuku and Sato descend the stairs in the main building, the green haired boy proudly displaying his fathers favorite black hoodie.

It was only 7 in the morning, but the previous night Izuku, Sato, and Aoyama had decided that they were going to surprise everyone with a nice Sunday morning breakfast after a conversation with their classmates about home cooked meals. They had about two hours to get everything done before their classmates began to wake up.

Aoyama takes the aux and plays something that Izuku swears he heard playing at a cafe once. Everything is going well, with Aoyama kneading the dough for the cinnamon rolls and Sato getting some oil ready for a pan to cook donuts in. Izukus in charge thoroughly mixing a very large bowl of pancake batter.

Everything is going well, until it's not.

Izuku stirs a section of the batter a bit too hard, and flour puffs up, sinking deep into his lungs. He coughs, and takes a step back to try and shield himself, though runs right into Sato who was bringing the oil over to the stove.

He's unable to stop the smaller boy, and in an effort to catch him, the cool oil spills on the ground, causing Izuku to slip as he tries to recover from stumbling into his friend. As he tries to grip the counter, his hand clips the bowl, so now an entire section of the flour is absolutely coated in flour, oil, and pancake batter. And a little Izuku who lays dead on the floor with a bright red blush coating his cheeks.

Both of the other boys are frozen, that is until Aoyama bursts out laughing. Of course, it was easy for him to laugh being ten feet away from the boys with not a speck of flour on him.

His laugh is contagious, and Izuku cracks open his eyes to see Sato's body shaking, and he snorts, trying to hide his laughter. Izuku forces a frown, but it doesn't last long before he's soon giggling with them.

Eventually Izuku gets up, carefully using the counter to help him keep his balance. He volunteers for the cleanup, and Sato goes to join Aoyama to remake the batter he had ruined.

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