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Mirios eyes widen, "Let me come with you!"

The sudden bolt upwards surprises Amajiki, but he just shakes his head, "It's fine, I'll be right back."

"He's going to kill me!"

"Yamada won't kill you," his boyfriend says, rolling his eyes.

The one time Present Mic had walked in on them during a heavy makeout session had severely traumatized the blonde teenager, but it was growing old quickly.

Of course, Amajiki was humiliated beyond belief. The moment replayed in his nightly 'Most Embarrassing Memories' compilation, but he was never worried about getting in trouble. Hell, after that his parents started putting condoms in his room and backpack. As long as him and Mirio were respectful and safe, they didn't care.

But Mirio was convinced the man had it out for him. Even today, their homeroom teacher had been throwing warning glares at him behind Amajikis back.

"Lay back down," he groans as his boyfriend stands to follow him, "It'll be fine."

"I heard a rumor he's strapped, I bet I'll be the first one he shoots-"

Amajiki turns just to glare at him with a frown, "He's just overprotective, but he's all bark. Aizawa won't let him murder you."

"Fuck, Tamaki! That doesn't exactly inspire confidence!"

Mirio only settles down after his boyfriend threatens no sex until they move in together. But the second he's left alone, he shivers. He swears he can feel the blonde hero's eyes studying him.


"And you can't skip family dinner! Not even once!"

Both Aizawa and Yamada watch as their son gives his brother the lecture they'd been planning, smiling slightly as Amajiki rolls his eyes, "Yeah, yeah I know."

"I mean it! And we have to FaceTime at least once a week for boy talk!"


"No, I mean you have to be in a coma or decapitated to miss boy talk- those are the only acceptable excuses."

Aizawa raises an eyebrow. Boy talk?

"I got it, Izu." He wraps him into a big hug, "I love you. Be good for dads, alright?"

Izuku hugs him back, his face turning red as he closes his eyes, "Whatever."

"Be nice to them," Amajiki whispers quietly in his ear, "You can always complain with me. But don't start any fights."

"Okayyy," the boy grumbles as his brother ruffles his hair, "I'm going to miss you."

Amajiki kisses the top of his head, "I'm only a text away," he smiles, "But I'm gonna miss you too."

He can already feel the tears coming, so Izuku pushes him away, "I love you, but if Dads cry I'm gonna cry so I'll see you Sunday."

Ugh, leaving the older boy to deal with their parents tears. But the two knew that Amajiki would be crying alongside them- no need to to subject a fourth person to that shitshow.

So with Izuku waiting in the car, Amajiki prepares for the goodbye.

Hizashi Yamada is already in tears. He'd done a horrible job trying to hide his emotions the last few days, always looking like he was ready to break down. The boy swallows the knot in his throat.

How could he thank them?

The teacher who saw how he flinched at loud noises, who quieted his loud voice for his own comfort. The man who pulled him out of quirk suppressing cuffs and fed him three times that very same day.

How was he supposed to thank the man who was waiting up for him at the apartment? Aizawa went shopping and put together an entire room in mere hours, just so Amajiki felt comfortable.

His parents, who signed him up for speech therapy and took care of him when he was injured. Who showed up in the hospital when he was shot. The men who laughed and sang and listened and loved.

He doesn't even have time to process the strong arms of Mr. Aizawa wrapping around him, but his body sags in relief as he says, "Call us, Tamaki. I mean it."

Amajiki smiles, remembering how happy he felt when the man had called on his first overnight with his mom, "Anytime, for anything. When you need advice, or a laugh- whatever. Please-"

"I will, Dad," the boy says without thinking.

Fuck, now that causes tears to fall from Aizawas eyes.

Yamada can't take it, hugging the both of them from the side, "We're so proud of you. You've done so well."

"Dad, Papa..." the boys voice shakes, "Thank you. Thank you for everything."

Eventually, after the men pull themselves together, they leave their sons new apartment with a reminder about family dinner later on in the week.

Izuku waits, leaning against the car which sends his papas waterworks off again. He tries to shoo him away, but accepts the bear hug the man imposes on him, "Please, don't grow up, Izuku."

"Papaaaa," he whines, though nuzzles his face into his warm chest.

"Cmon now, you'll smother him."

FUN STUFF (aka, just dialogue)

Aizawa: About this boy talk, Izu-

Izuku: Dad-

Aizawa: Your Papa and I are both boys, so if you ever need to talk-

Izuku: For the love of god, Dad, let this go.

Yamada (still sniffling): Why are we excluded from boy talk?

Izuku: You don't want to know, trust me.

Yamada: Why do my sons haaaaate me?

Aizawa (realized and now blushing): Zashi-


Izuku: You really want to know about the intimate details of our relationships?



Aizawa: Shut up! Jesus Christ, Hizashi!


Eraser: Be safe

Mic, kisses him on the cheek: I will, my love

Amajiki: Be safe

Izuku: I'll be so safe

Eraser: I swear to god I'll kill you

Izuku: How would that keep us safe?

A/N: And that's a wrap on Amajiki! Next extra will be either KiriBaku or EraserMic!

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