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Hizashi anxiously bites his nails as Amajiki sleeps. He had three cracked ribs, a bruised spleen, and a small brain bleed. Luckily, Recovery Girl came to the hospital with Principal Nezu, which prevents the traumatic brain surgery. Still, his son would need to sleep for a couple of days to give his body the time to recover.

Everything's blurry when Amajiki opens his eyes. He relaxes when he identifies the room as an ambulance and the face that belongs to the red hair beside him. He looks on his other side and sees a man talking to a paramedic.

The blonde man looks at him, "Oh thank god!" He rushes to the boys side, but the tired hero doesn't make a move away from the stranger, "You're gonna be alright, Tamaki! We got all of the villains, kiddo."

Amajiki blinks, trying to clear his vision, but it's no use. The man before him had a familiar voice, but he's never seen that face in his life, "Ah, who are you?"

The mans face goes deadpan as Kirishima bursts out laughing, "Really? You too?"

Kirishima coughs, his body shaking as he convulses. The paramedic calls out to his partner who's speaking with the driver, "Fat?"

Amajiki can feel his eyes droop again. He could sleep for a week. The pressure in his ears is building up again, so he can only half hear the man confirm before he loses consciousness.

The next time he wakes, he's in a machine getting an MRI. He doesn't even blink before he falls back asleep.

The next time he wakes he's not so lucky. His brain feels heavy and breathing to deeply hurts. He lets out a groan as he opens his eyes, the light of the hospital room stabbing his brain and twisting like a knife.

"Hey, baby." Hizashi.

"P-Mr. Yamada. My head-" his face scrunches together and he tries to move his hand, but it's trapped by his foster father.

"Shh, it's okay. It's alright. You've got a pretty bad contusion on your brain, some cracked ribs, and some bleeding with your spleen. Recovery Girl will be here soon, you'll be fine."

The boy winces. It's like just hearing about his injuries makes the pain he's feeling real. At the moment, he can't even remember how he got them, "Izuku? Sho-" he coughs, letting out a cry as his ribs move with him.

"I don't know yet, but you need to rest. Close your eyes, I'll go find someone to help with the pain." He starts to stand but is surprised when his son grasps the wrist that had been settled on Amajikis hand.

The boy doesn't have to say a word. Hizashi sits back down, but not before pressing a kiss to his kids forehead, "Alright, I'm not going anywhere. I'll stay right beside you."

And so he did.

Present Mic sits beside his son the entire time. After he falls asleep, when Recovery Girl heals him, even when he gets the news that his husband had come in unconscious on the ambulance. Though worried, Izuku comes to meet him with a nurse following behind.

He wraps his son in his arms and holds him there until the nurses wheel Aizawa into the room.

Amajiki wakes again, only ten minutes after Recovery Girls visit to his dad. He smiles softly, seeing as Hizashi is still by his side, "Tamaki!"

Izuku gives his brother a tight hug, earning himself a quiet warning from the blonde to be careful. He turns his head to see Aizawa scrolling through his phone, "The mission?"

FatGum enters the room with snacks, "Hey, kid."

"The mission. Did you guys save the girl? I can't remember-"

FatGum hands each member of the adorable family a candy bar and chips, as Aizawa explains, "Yes. Izuku was able to escape with Eri, both unharmed. However... there were severe injuries of police officers and heroes."

Amajikis eyes widen, his heart pounding. Why hadn't his boyfriend been mentioned yet? "Mirio?"

No one responds right away which only causes him to panic more, "Is Mirio alright?"

Aizawa sighs, rubbing his temples, "LeMillion was hit with a bullet with similar contents as the one you were shot with. The effects have not decreased over time, the doctor's suspect they may be permanent."

No. Togata was... Togata was okay, he had to be, "Can I see him?"

FatGum pats his on the head, forcing a smile, "You need to take care of yourself right now. He's probably still with the doctors anyways, now eat up."

Amajiki pretends to be asleep for what must be an hour before Hizashi goes to find Mr. Aizawa. Despite the doctors instructions, the man switched places with Izuku and left to find the little girl. His little brother lays asleep, breathing quietly as he slips out of bed.

He creeps towards the door, and he practically jumps out of his skin when the younger boy whispers, "Room 237."

The upperclassman smiles, and reaches out to ruffle the boys hair. The silence is disrupted by a loud exaggerated snore.

While the hallways are empty, Amajiki sneaks through the hospital til he finds the room. He can see his boyfriend's blonde hair as he sits up, looking at the city through the window. He knocks gently, opening the door before he can receive a response, "Mirio?"

Mirio doesn't turn to look at him. Doesn't force a smile on his face. How could he? 

He feels the bed shift as Amajiki's weight joins his own, and finally meets the boys eyes when a hand rests on his thigh. Mirio trembles as he looks. He was so... useless. 

Amajiki bring his hand up to his boyfriends cheek, wiping a tear that Mirio didn't know had fallen, "I... I don't know the right thing to say. I needed to see for myself that you were alright."

Mirio grasps the hand that holds him, and he allows his head to fall against Amajiki's chest. He cries, and in between cries he says quietly, "I'm not... I'm not alright."

Tears fill his own eyes as Amajiki pulls at the other's blonde hair, holding him as tightly as he can, "I'm sorry, Togata."

Mirio Togata was a leader. He had to claw his way up from the bottom. Amajiki had known him since they were young. He had seen the other cry as his quirk went wrong, smile as the world collapsed around them, and heard him yell with frustration. Amajiki knew Mirio almost as well as he knew himself. He knew his boyfriend didn't need reassurance, that he didn't need promises of false hope.

Right now he needed to be held. He needed someone to hide his tears so no one else would see. And tomorrow, tomorrow he would go on smiling.

Amajiki kisses him, leaving his face in the dirty hair, "I'll be here as long as you need me. I'm going to stay."

And he does. He does until the front of his hospital gown and soaked in tears, and then some. He stays, even as Mirio's breath evens, and the two lay facing each other on the impossibly small bed.

Because when you really loved someone... When you really loved someone, 'to stay' wasn't a question of 'if', but 'when and where'.

Papa Mic confirmed that for him.

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