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"Hey, moron!" Kaminari claps in his friends face, "Youre drooling!"

Kirishima blinks back into reality, and strongly considers smacking him for interrupting his boyfriends performance. Luckily Jirou stops and tells the drummer, "Youre going too fast! Keep the pace-"

"Well maybe your shitty song is just too slow!"

"-it's not fair having all the other instruments to catch up-

"It's not my fault that everyone else sucks!"

"It's called teamwork, Asshole!"

Mina steps between the two, smiling, "Now, now, why don't we all just take a break? Hagakure wants to get everyone's costumes and makeup figured out anyways."

The girls leave so Kirishima ditches his best friend in favor for his boyfriend who's still pouting behind the drums. He slides a chair up to the boy rather smoothly, sitting backwards, "You know, you look pretty hot up there."

Bakugo rolls his eyes, but Kirishima knows he loves it, "Youre unbearable."

"Oh? So you don't want to sleep over tonight?"

The blonde considers whacking him with his drumstick, "Fuck off. As if I'd ever stay in your room of despair." Kirishima sticks his bottom lip out, faking offense. Bakugo huffs, "We always stay in my room anyway."

He gives the boy a toothy grin, singsonging, "Wellllll, if you don't play nice we won't even have a chance to sleep tonight."

Bakugo whacks his hand that was making its way towards his hair. From the other room Ojirou calls for him, "Fine, whatever."

Bakugo stands to go over to the others. Kirishima let's out a long whistle, eyes never leaving his boyfriends ass. At least until Bakugo turns around to flip him off.


"Shota, are you almost ready?!" Hizashi shouts from the kitchen as he packs a small bag with snacks and toys for Eri who sits eating oatmeal.

The man walks out of their bedroom as Mirio enters the apartment. Aizawa grabs an applesauce pouch from the pantry as his husband fills the awkward silence surrounding their oldest son and his boyfriend, "So we'll be really busy today because we'll be meeting with students parents, and also entertaining my own parents, but if you need absolutely anything do not hesitate to find us-"

"Wait a minute," the attention is turned to the dark haired man, "Your parents are here?"

Hizashis eyes dart away from the piercing glare as he sips on his coffee, "Oh? I must not have told you..."

Amajiki tries to talk to Mirio when Aizawa drags their home room teacher away, but the blonde speaks first, "What's with that?"

Izuku yawns, pushing his spoon down on his already mushy cereal, "Grandma and Grandpa Mic are a little... eccentric."

"You mean more than Mr. Yamada?"

Amajikis heart hurts watching the two speak, "Way worse. Think about three Present Mic's in one room, but more bass. They're nice and everything, but they can be a little critical of Dad."

This is the first time he's seen his boyfriend in days. He always managed to be gone by the time school ended. He didn't answer calls, only two or three word texts every once in awhile.

While his brother and boyfriend discuss the Yamadas, Amajiki racks his brain for the right thing to say. He's sure the boy is tired of 'are you okay?', but the only other option he can think of is 'where the hell have you been?'

He hasn't decided on what to say before Eri tugs the blonde into her room to help her change her shoes, leaving Izuku and Amajiki alone.

The younger brother doesn't know the right thing to say, so he just stands and hugs him. The pressure is enough to get Amajiki out of his head, but not enough to say 'no' when Izuku suggests they listen in on their parents argument.

They last a solid three minutes before Aizawa shouts at them through the door, "Izuku!" To the mens surprise they hear two sets of feet run down the hall, not expecting Amajiki to have been with him. When they're sure the boys are out of hearing range Aizawa continues, "I still don't understand why you didn't warn me!"

Hizashi tries to place his hand on the mans shoulder but his husband swats it away dramatically, "Baby..."

"Don't you dare," he spits.

Hizashi tries his hardest to fight his smile. When he pouted, he looked just as cute as he did when they were teenagers, "I shouldn't have to warn you about my own parents."

"They hate me."

"They do not."

They continue to have the same argument they had every time Hizachi's parents came around, "Look Sho, I just didn't want to stress you out. If I had told you earlier you would have been cleaning for days when you were supposed to be taking it easy-"

"Don't make it about that-"

"About that?" The blonde chuckles, "About what? My husbands health? I'm allowed to care about you, asshole."

Aizawa rolls his eyes. He was prepared to dodge his students parents, not his in-laws who were near impossible to shake. He racks his brain, trying to figure out how he's going to make dinner while catching all the events for the day because no doubt they would have a snarky comment to make.

Recognizing his anxiety, Hizashi places a kiss on his lips, "Everything will be fine, Sho. Lets go."

The family walks towards the main campus, where the only people are students bustling around trying to get things ready.

A shrill shout comes from behind the gate, and both Aizawa and Izuku wince as Hizashi tells Hound Dog to let the couple in.

The family exchanges hugs before Mrs. Yamada approaches her grandson, pinching his cheeks too tight, "Aw, you're so adorable! How are you doing?"

"I'm alright," Izuku shifts uncomfortably, and the woman released him from her death grip, "It's nice to see you again, Mrs. Yamada."

"Please, call us grandma and grandpa!"

Aizawa places a comforting hand on his sons back, interrupting the woman, "Mrs. Yamada, I'd like for you to meet Amajiki and Eri."

The older man chuckles at the boy who hasn't looked up once, "Well, it's a pleasure. Don't tell me that we weren't invited to yet another adoption ceremony, Shota?"

Aizawa scowls, but his husband takes the lead, "No, Dad. We've been fostering Tamaki for awhile now, he's been in my homeroom since he was a first year. And Eri here has only recently come to live with us."

Izuku grabs his brothers arm, pulling him away from the already tense conversation, "I've gotta go help set up, I'll see you guys later!"

Aizawa tried to do the same, but his husband doesn't get the hint (doesn't care) and sends Mirio and Eri off to get hot chocolates from the third years cafe.

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