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"Mr. Aizawa said you're supposed to take it easy." Bakugo stands in the doorway with his arms crossed.

Kirishima sighs, shrugging on his blazer, "Recovery Girl healed me already, and I don't want to miss any more class than I have to." Bakugo doesn't flinch as the redhead approaches placing his hands on his chest and giving him a soft peck on the cheek, "And while you're worrying is cute, there's no need."

Bakugo sighs, looking up at the taller boy with a glare, "It's Friday, take today and the weekend off and by Monday you'll be all healed up."

Kirishima hadn't told his boyfriend the extent of what happened during the mission. He didn't tell him that parts of his arm simply broke away like dust. He just shakes his head in response, going over to his bed to put on his shoes.

Though his body ached with every movement, if he spent one more day in bed he would go crazy. He hoped that their teacher would allow him to participate in training, even just to get his muscles moving again, "Katsuki-"

"Sleep is the easiest way to allow your body to fix itself, so just go to fucking bed."

"Katsuki!" He tries to laugh off his annoyance, "Stop! I will be fine, I can take care of myself, so please stop worrying."

Bakugo scowls and pushes the boy away from him, "Well, I guess if you're just going to ignore me, I'm going to ignore you."

The blonde turns away and he hears his boyfriend sigh, "Katsuki..." when he doesn't respond and continues to walk away he shouts, "Bakugo!"

For the first couple hours Kirishima tries his best to talk to his boyfriend but when he's met with the cold shoulder he gives up.

During hero training Mr. Aizawa benches both Kirishima and Izuku, despite the insistence of the boys they find themselves sitting and watching their classmates train, "This is boring!" Izuku complains.

Kirishima laughs, but deep down he's grateful. In truth, he was exhausted. He hadn't thought that just sitting in class and listening to his teachers would drain him so much, "Are you sure your okay? Amajiki took today off, I'm sure my dad wouldn't have a problem if you wanted to head back to the dorms-"

"No way." Kirishima snaps his eyes open. He refused to prove his overbearing boyfriend right, "Besides, Amajiki was in pretty bad shape, my injuries were nothing compared to his."

Izuku scoffs, glancing at his friend. The boy narrows his eyes, "What?"

His friend just leans against the wall, watching as Kaminari and Jirou spar, "I thought that you... I didn't know if you would be alright. You looked terrible."

Kirishima looks down at his hands. He scarcely remembered FatGum carrying him, and talking to Izuku in the ambulance, "Well, you sure know how to seduce a guy."

He pushes his green hair from his eyes. It's not like Izuku didn't understand. Hell, Kirishima had seen first hand how upset Bakugo was when he had been recovered after his kidnapping, "I get that you don't want to worry anyone. But people are going to worry anyway, especially if you act like nothing happened. You were beat so bad, parts of your body broke off. It's okay to be taken care of for a little while, you know?"

Kirishima sighs, wiping his palms off on his pants, "You're one to talk." He bites his lip, tears filling his eyes, "Can you ask Mr. Aizawa if I can go back to the dorms?"

The ginger ignores the boys offer to escort him back, instead keeping his head down as he make the walk. It's not like he almost died... His parents hadn't even showed up to the hospital. Surely they would have come if it was serious.

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