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Aizawa stands when the buzzer to the building goes off, leaving the moment of peace with his sons and daughter play with the cats.

They had a good day. Aizawa finished grading essays while his kids watched movies and did their homework. Tamaki got back from a three day trip for his work study around four in the morning, and despite sleeping all day his eyebags matched Izukus.

Izuku seemed to be coping as much as he could. He wasn't as quiet or angry. He didn't look like he was ready to burst into tears at the slightest provocation. He didn't even start an argument when he came home and found Eri playing with his action figures.

It was their first good day in a while, objectively not too long- though getting through these past couple days was like marching through syrup.

So when the man sees Detective Tsukauchi on the front monitor, his heart drops to his stomach. The usually composed detective looked anxious.

He buzzes him in and goes back to the living room. He silently reaches for the remote and pauses the movie, prompting all three to look up at him. He's trying not to frown as he quietly asks Amajiki to take Eri to her room and get Papa.

Aizawa opens the door for the detective as the two are walking to the hall, Eri giggling as she's wrapped around her brothers back. Izukus stomach feels nauseous when the two don't exchange in any banter.

"Is Mr. Yamada here? It would be best that he is present for this conversation."

The man doesn't have a chance to respond, the footsteps pounding in the hall is enough of an answer.

Hizashi walks into the living room, only half dressed in his hero costume. The familiar leather pants look odd with a cutoff tank that had been the first thing he grabbed when his son told him that a detective was here. He greets the detective briefly before sitting on the other side of his kid.

Tsukauchi gets straight to the point, "First, I need to inform you that Izuku is being considered a person of interest in this case, so any time he speaks with police, a parent or guardian must be present."

The men exchange a glance over Izukus head, prompting him to continue, "Most importantly, I don't plan on pursuing Izuku as a suspect. There was plenty of evidence left behind at the scene of the crime and I'm certain that he will be cleared. For extra measure, I request access to his phone records: text messages, call logs, photos, and GPS details. If the evidence takes too long to come back, this may help clear things up and check some boxes for my superiors."

"What crime?" Aizawa narrows his eyes. He wasn't willing to invade his sons privacy unless absolutely necessary.

Izuku's heart beat throbs in his ears. This couldn't be about the pictures, right? They said he was the victim. It's not as if he was willingly producing child pornography. But he doesn't know what else he could have done wrong.

Was it Dabi? He hadn't had any contact with him since the villain had brought him to the hospital. Sure, he should have told someone that the man was involved- but was he really going to get in trouble for that? It would have been all over the news if he'd been captured, so there was no way to find out. Unless...


Something had to have happened with his biological father, "I-Is it... Is it my- Is it Hisashi Midoriya?"

The detective avoids his eyes, but answers the question regardless, "Yes and no."

Izuku takes a shaky breath. He doesn't hear his dads question, zeroed in on Tsukauchi's face and voice as he responds, "Six hours ago, we discovered that Inko Midoriya is missing. Her apartment showed signs of a struggle, leaving us to believe she has been kidnapped."

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