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Izuku doesn't hesitate.

He can't afford to.

The hero student sets his jaw and marches up the stairs, refusing to even give himself the chance to overthink about what was going to unfold.

He had to fix this.

He knocks on the wooden door that reads 212 engraved on a small metal plate.

He hears rustling behind in the apartment, before meeting green eyes similar to his own.

Inko's heart breaks when she opens the door and meets those bright green eyes, "No," she chokes back a sob, trying to shut the door.

Izuku gets his foot in between, shoving his way past her. He's taller than her now. He wipes the tears from her cheeks, "Are you alright?" He asks, looking for bruises.

"You have to leave-"

"No. We're having a family dinner."

Izuku turns so he's in between the two. He's taken aback when he realizes just how small and weak the man is, "What the hell happened to you?"

Relying heavily on his cane, he hobbles over to the dinner table where a gun lays next to the fine spread. Reluctantly, Izuku follows his lead, sitting across from the man while his mother gets the food, "No one knows where you are?"

Glancing at the gun that rests casually in his hands, the boy responds, "No sir."

"Is that how you address your father?"

Izuku grits his teeth, ignoring the question, "Why am I here?"

The man grins, revealing his two front teeth are missing. His skin has aged forty years in the last four months since he's seen him. If it wasn't for his sinister voice, he wouldn't have recognized him.

"Inko, dear? Pour Izuku some sake."

The woman does as she's told, bringing the pot of curry to set in the middle of the table. She sits between the two, just in case, "I'm only fifteen."

"Come on now, every father wants to be there for his sons first drink."

Izuku narrows his eyes, "Youre not my dad."

The man sets his jaw, letting his fork hit his plate loudly, "I thought we've gone over this. I'm your father, not those fags."

The boy smiles, surprising both Inko and Hisashi, "Say whatever you want about me. But you're not going to talk shit about them."

"Or what?"

Izuku looks away, dishing himself some of the food. No doubt his mother had spent enough time cooking it, he may as well get something from this meeting, "Or I won't give you what you want."

He places his hand on Inkos knee, ignoring the tears that fill her eyes, "You can threaten her, shoot her- I'll heal her. I'll save her."

"And what if it's you I want dead?"

Glad his real parents weren't here, he calls his bluff, "Go ahead then. Except I'm betting that the reason I'm here is that you need something from me. Cant get it if I'm dead."

Hisashi Midoriya grits his teeth, gaze darkening at his son. Only a few months ago he'd been the sniffling crybaby he'd always known.

Now he was cocky.

He raises the gun, ignoring Inkos pleas for him to stop. A wicked grin falls onto Izukus lips as he suddenly stands, leaning forward to press his forehead against the cold metal, "Do it," he dares.

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