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A/N: MaddsBuckley just released Brother, and I'm obsessed so here's some Dabi angst :)

Dabi watches from the top of a building as the little green haired boy walks out of the hero agency with a blonde, neither the wiser to his presence.

It's not like Dabi was watching out for the boy. He had happened to see him on patrol, was curious, and followed him back to the agency.

That's all it was, really.

When he's finally out of sight, Dabi sighs and turns around, "What do you want, Toga?"

The girl tilts her head, pouting as she takes the sucker out of her mouth, "Damn, I thought I snuck up on you."

"Good try," he responds dryly.

He begins walking towards the opposite edge, planning on taking the staircase down when Toga pops up, stumbling over her own feet, "Wait! Dabi!"

He rolls his eyes, but slows his pace anyways. When the two reach the door together, Toga asks, "What's with that kid anyway? He's cute."

"Knock it off," Dabi snaps, trying to interrupt before the crazy girl can get any ideas.

"Awww, you're soft on him. You're pretty cute too, ya know?"

"I am not soft on him," he spits, the sound of the door shutting echoing loudly around them. The emergency lights cast a soft orange glow on the two as they began to descend.

"Then how come ya didn't kill him?"

Dabi rolls his eyes, disappointed the shorter girl is behind him so she can't see his look of annoyance, "I told you, he escaped."

"Bullshit," she sing songs, "And don't think Shiggy doesn't know it too."

"Is that why you're here? To spy on me?"

Toga huffs, crossing his arms, "No, I'm just bored. Cant believe after all this time you still don't trust me," she whines.

"You're a fucking lunatic, Toga."

The blonde ignores his comment, "Tell me what the real reason is, and I'll leave you alone for an entire day."

An entire day? He didn't know that was possible.

Though they've only known each other a few months, Toga quickly became the annoying little sister he'd never wanted.

It made him miss Fuyumi.

"Bullshit." He spits.

Toga continues her whining, "I promiseeeeee! See, I'll even pinky promise!" She sticks her pinky in front of the mans face, surprising him enough he has to catch himself on the railing.

"Is that supposed to mean something to me?"

"Everyone knows if you break a pinky promise you have to break your pinky!"

"Literally no one knows that, you psycho."

She huffs and puts her hands on her hips, "Two full days!"

Dabi stops as well, narrowing his eyes as he turns back to her, "Why do you want to know so bad?"

The stick of the sucker hangs from her mouth and she shrugs, "Shiggy wants me to kill him," she responds nonchalantly, "If you have a good enough reason for letting him escape, I won't."

"What does Shigaraki care if he's alive?"

"He's a witness, he can be used against you, who knows? He asked me to kill him, he didn't tell me why."

"Why do you care?" He hisses, her position on the step above him putting them on eye level with each other.

She tilts her head as if it's obvious, "Because I care about you."

Dabi doesn't have any idea how to respond. So instead he just turns around and takes a few steps down. He hears her sigh and singsong, "Fine. Guess I'll just have to kill him then," she takes a step, "Maybe I can still catch him before he makes it to the train. Oh I can't wait to taste his blood!" She squeals.

In an instant before she has any chance to react, Dabi has her pinned against the wall with his forearm on her throat. A needle appears by her side, but the man gives no reaction, "Youre not going to kill him."

Her fangs peek out of her mouth as she grins, "Get off of me."

He glances at her side, a knife already in hand prepared to stab him. He glares at her, but takes his arm back and steps away from her, "You're not going to kill him."

He begins to descend the stairs.

As much as she might annoy him, he trusted her. She was so desperate for any kind of relationship she wouldn't risk breaking his trust, "I met his dad when I was little. After my accident."

He can hear her take a few steps down the stairs behind him, "Midoriya was nearby and pulled me out of the fire I started. Brought me to a shady doctor. Brought me to his son."

Dabi's grateful for her silence, choosing to focus on the walls around them as they descend the building, "The kid couldn't do much for me. His quirk is powerful, but he was never actually taught how to use it properly, so he couldn't take too much of my injuries away or he would have died.

"Midoriya kept both his wife and kid locked up while I was there, though I didn't figure that out until later. I stayed with them a couple of weeks while I recovered. Mrs. Midoriya made me food, and Mr. Midoriya was actually pretty nice. I wasn't able to see Izuku much except when he was helping with pain, they said he was always grounded."

Dabi's been beating himself up over this since the first day of the kidnapping. He had no idea what was happening to the kid, he was just a kid himself at the time. He figured Izuku would just injure himself with his quirk, like Dabi did growing up.

"Hisashi started to ask me to do things for him. Small fires here and there to threaten people. Izuku found out somehow. One day he told me to leave. That Hisashi was going to hurt me," Dabi closes his eyes, blaming the ominous light in the stairwell.

"He was begging me to leave. A five year old with bruises all over him, crying and telling me to go. I believed him, and I left."

He hears Toga pull the sucker out of her mouth, making an utterly disgusting sound, "So he saved you?"


"Hmm. So you had to save him?"

Dabi rolls his eyes, a common occurrence when he was with the blonde girl, "Something like that."

"So why can't I kill him now?"

Dabi turns and narrows his eyes, "He's a fucking kid, Toga. Besides, even Stain saw potential in him."

"Stain tried to kidnap him for Midoriya."

"He let him live," Dabi snaps, "And you're going to leave him alone."

Toga sighs. She wasn't going to kill him, she'd find some excuse for Shigaraki. But still, she wanted to know more about this man, "So where did you go, when you left?"

Dabi's too tired to argue at this point. After tonight he'd have forty eight hours entirely to himself without this nuisance (or he'd break her pinky himself), "Home. Everyone thought I was dead, so I left again."

"Home? What-"

"I told you why I let Izuku go. We're done talking."

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