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"Pay attention to meee," Izuku whines, throwing another grape at his boyfriend. Though Izuku can't see it, Todoroki smiles.

There was usually only forty five minutes between dinner and curfew where students had to be out of each other's rooms. So with Izuku being confined to his dads apartment and Todorokis after school training sessions with Aizawa, this short frame of time was all they've had together for the past few days.

Todoroki sits at his boyfriends desk, grapes bouncing off his back as Izuku sits on his bean bag. The green haired boy jumps a bit when Todoroki catches the next grape without even turning around.

Izuku watches with wide eyes as he freezes the grape behind his back and flicks it back at him. It's cold in his hand, "Fuyumi would only ever eat frozen grapes. You had em before?"

Izuku makes a noise followed by crunching, "Make another!" He demands with his mouthful.

The boy smirks, and shuts his textbook, joining his boyfriend on the horrendously patterned green and yellow bean bag.

"You know," Todoroki had said once, "Doesn't surprise me Mr. Aizawas your dad. This is as ugly as his sleeping bag."

Izuku had narrowed his eyes at that, though inside he couldn't help but feel happy at being called his dads son.

Izuku hands him a bunch of the grapes, and Todoroki takes them into his palm and coats them with ice, "Hey Sho?"


Izuku pops a grape into his mouth, "When you blow on food can you make your breath colder to cool it down?"

His lip turns up, and they begin yet another conversation that consists of Izuku interrogating him about his quirk.

When the grapes are gone, he cuts his boyfriend off with a short kiss on his lips.

Todoroki is careful. The last time the two had really kissed was during the training camp. With everything that's happened since, it feels like a lifetime ago.

As soon as he pulls away, Izukus hands are on his cheeks, and Todoroki only catches a glimpse of his grin as their lips meet again.

Todoroki grips the green hair tight, his other hand pressing down on the top of Izuku's thigh, letting his boyfriend keep his hands on his face.

When they pull away for air, Todoroki kisses Izuku's neck gently, not wanting to repeat history. He slowly moves back to his boyfriends face, who gently touches his scar.

His eyes are so green.

When they're back to making out, he feels hands tugging at his shirt, slowly going under it as if asking for permission. Shoto smiles into the kiss, and lets Izuku tug his shirt off.

Izuku explores every centimeter with his hands as the two kiss, shallow quiet breaths filling the room around him. Carefully, Shoto quickly warms up his right side so his boyfriend doesn't have to deal with his cold skin.

When they pull away again, Izuku already feels his lips beginning to swell. But that doesn't stop him from adjusting their position.

Todoroki leans back on his arms with a dopey grin while Izuku straddles his lap. Both boys blush when they see each others excitement.

Izuku traces the muscles of the other's chest and abs, leaving goosebumps in his wake. Todoroki throws his head back when Izuku takes his hands away and starts kissing him instead. He feels him sucking at his skin, right below the collarbone, having learned their lesson from last time.

Izuku pulls Todoroki's face towards his again, letting his weight settle against his boyfriend and smiles when he feels Shoto's face heat up.

The boy allows his boyfriend to lift his shirt above his head and toss it to the side before gripping the bi colored hair again and pulling it towards him.

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