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A/N: Okay so I really don't like writing fight scenes and that's what the majority of the next few chapters are going to be. I'm going to go off of the anime, with my own stuff sprinkled in, but it will change decently come Chapter 25. So sorry if this is choppy, but I hope you like my additions!

"Before this meeting I was going to recommend that your all of your work studies be suspended."

Everyone looks at their teacher through the rearview mirror. Kirishima is the one to ask, "But why?"

"Were you all listening when they said that there could be a connection to the League of Villains?" He looks at his son, who seems to be on the verge of tears, "Your safety is our first priority-"

"Mr. Aizawa? I know this sounds selfish, but," Nejire fiddles with her hands, "But what about us? We're third years, and we haven't had a problem with the League!"

"I know that, but with their history we have seen what damage they are willing to cause to students."

Mirio and Izuku are silent, the events of their encounter with Eri replaying over and over again in their mind, "However," the single word causes their defeated eyes to be filled with hope again, "I feel that if I take this opportunity away from you, you will end up doing something on your own. You have all had close contacts with this case, and to make sure that you are safe, you will continue with this mission.

"If you're going to do this, you do it the right way. I'll make sure you guys are safe, alright problem children?"

The tears they had been holding back for hours finally fall from Izuku and Mirio. They had to save her, whatever it took. Amajiki is the only one who notices and he rests his head on his boyfriends shoulder and squeezes his hand, "Mirio, please try to smile."

This gets Nejire's attention, and she grabs the boys other hand, "Remember, Togata? Getting all frowny doesn't change things. This is our chance to make things right, and we will make them right."

Aizawa looks at his son, who's trying his best to smile. His mouth turns upward, "You boys gave her hope, don't forget that."

"We'll save her! Right, Izuku?!"

Izuku gives his friend a genuine smile this time, "Right."

The days go by with this conversation stuck in Izuku's head. He'd rather obsess about the confidence and promise to fight, rather than his encounter with Eri. How he left her.

However as he gets ready for the mission his anxiety keeps replaying both moments over and over again. Amajiki was even getting annoyed at his little brother's restlessness

The morning that the mission is to take place, Hizashi and Amajiki stay the night at 1A's dorm, "Are you sure about this, Shota?"

It had been tense since their fight, but they had both but their frustrations and annoyance aside to assure the other, "No."

The blonde sits on the edge of the bed, his husband turned towards him with his costume on, "They're our students first. Before the mission, before anything else, we take care of our students."

Yamada helps put his husbands tool belt around his waist. He brushes a strand of hair away from his face, "I know, Zashi."

They hear a door slam, and a few distant voices, no doubt belonging to their students. Present Mic sighs, and stands to pull his husband into his arms, "You get yourself and our boys home safe, alright?"

"I will."

He pulls away and the two share a kiss, "I love you, Hizashi."

"I love you too, Shota."

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