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Izuku comes back from his daydream when the soothing bell signaling the end of his session rings. His therapist sighs, picking up the office phone and hits a single button, "Mrs. Miya, could you please send Mr. Yamada back," he pauses, "Thank you."

The teenagers eyes widen, standing angrily, "What the hell, Yoshido?!"

He grabs a pen from the cup, "I can't discuss the details of what we talk about during our sessions," he explains carefully, "But because your parents pay for these services, I prefer to inform them about your refusal to participate."

His lips form a straight line as he glares at the doctor. But he doesn't say anything, prompting the man to continue, "You are more than welcome to be present to ensure I don't disclose anything else."

Izuku grits his teeth before he turns and storms to the door, "No, I'll wait in the car."

His papa is walking with long strides down the hallway, and passes off the keys with no question. Izuku was sick and tired of answering questions.

Which was why he'd just spent the last hour silent. He didn't do the puzzle on the table, or mess with the small zen garden. He didn't even color.

He just glared at the ground until he got tired and let himself zone out. He ignored the therapists gentle prompts, determined to get out of the last minute session as soon as possible.

So he waits in the car, his irritation growing the longer his papa took. He hadn't told Yoshido anything to disclose, so why the hell was it taking so long?

After about ten minutes, the blonde hero exits the office. He calmly opens the door and sits, buckling quietly before turning on the radio.

When they miss the turn to the school, Izukus annoyance festers into curiosity. He finally breaks the silence, "Where are we going?"

Hizashi smiles, "It's a surprise."

The teenager raises an eyebrow, drumming his finger on the door. He bites the inside of his cheek and turns his head towards the window, watching the traffic flow quickly beside him, "What'd Yoshido tell you?"

"Just that you didn't talk during your session."

Hizashi couldn't help but feel worried. His son looked exhausted, and now that he was refusing to talk to his therapist- he was afraid that he had no one to talk to.

Bakugo and him hadn't been eating lunch together, and refused to even look at each other during their peer review sessions in class. He wasn't sure if anyone else knew what was going on.

And while that was troubling, he couldn't blame the kid. Hizashi had no idea what he was feeling. But it had to feel lonely keeping it all to himself.

"Izu," he starts, gripping the wheel tightly, "I know you don't want to talk about it, and that's okay. Honestly?" He chuckles nervously, "I have no idea what I'm supposed to say, what I'm supposed to do in this situation."

Izuku rests his head against the cool window, a knot forming in his throat as his papa continues, "What I do know, is that I love you. Dad loves you too. And when you want- if you want to, you can talk to us."

"Yeah, whatever," he swallows the knot in his throat, opening his eyes as he feels the vehicle turn into a parking lot.

Hizashi sighs, "Alright, kiddo."

The teenagers curiosity should be satisfied as he sees where they park. A small building, with a car or two out front of the glass windows.

"You know," Izuku says softly, "A cat isn't going to take those pictures away."

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