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It had been three days.

Three days since Todoroki saw his boyfriend tear apart his bedroom while screaming that someone is dead.

Kirishima had checked up on him, but he hadn't heard from Izuku.

Just thinking about the boy made his anxiety tighten in his chest, threatening a panic attack. Aizawa told him and Bakugo that he wasn't at the hospital, but the goblin crawling around his brain told him differently. All he can imagine is Izuku staring blankly at the same white walls his mother had, on a bed with waffle blankets to prevent suffocation.

But Izuku wasn't going through a psychotic break. He wasn't trying to hurt himself or others.

Todoroki lays on his back, letting his phone fall from his hand at his side.

"Are you boys alright?" Aizawa had asked, shutting the door gently behind him.

The only injury visible was Bakugos bloody lip, though he was sure to be sporting some nasty bruises for the next few days.

What really concerned him was the way they both looked like they'd seen a ghost.

Neither of them speak, leaving the man to gruffly continue, "Can you tell me what happened?"

"Shouldn't you be telling us that?!" Bakugo spits back.

Todoroki looks at his hands, explaining quietly, "I... I heard Izuku scream. Then I heard crashing and banging and more screaming."

Aizawa turned his gaze to the blonde, nodding to himself. The student crossed his arms, leaning back in his chair, "Yeah, same here."

"Okay then, my turn," the teacher looked at them both. He didn't know how much is okay to disclose, and how much it would take them to understand.

Bakugo interrupted his thoughts, answering the question for him, "It's Inko, isn't it? He kept shouting about how she's dead."

The man sighs, leaning back against the door, "Yeah. He's been going through some other things, but we think... we think this has pushed him over the edge."

"How do we help him?"

Todoroki couldn't help but wonder how Bakugo could be fine with all of this. How he only felt concern for the boy who just rocked his shit.

Maybe he focused on Bakugos feelings because that was easier than trying to process his own.

Aizawas words float around him, the boy unengaged in the conversation until their teacher waves his hand in front of his face, "Todoroki... Shoto!"

The ringing in his ears subsided as he blinked and looked around. Bakugo had left. He didn't notice, "Todoroki, are you okay?"

He took a shaky breath. 'Yes', he answered in his mind.


The gentle knock at the door startles him, his anxiety placing crushing pressure against his chest. He answers quietly, almost hoping the boy on the other side wouldn't hear.

Izuku nervously enters the room where his boyfriend sits on the edge of his bed. He swallows hard, wiping his sweaty palms on his pants before stepping closer.

"Shoto, I'm so sorry."

The boy can't look at him. He can't look at him because all he would see is his boyfriend screaming and punching holes in the wall. He never wanted to see that again.

"I... We need to talk, Midoriya."

His whisper is scarily soft. Izuku just stares at him, dread slowly swirling in his stomach, "Yeah."

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