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"Are you really stupid enough to believe I'm all alone?" The man's eyes widen slightly as Izuku leans forward, "You can't really think that I came here by myself."

Izuku shields his mother from the glass plate being thrown, hitting the boys back rather than her face. Hisashis face was red with rage, practically foaming at the mouth as he shatters a bowl against the ground.

But the only fear Izuku felt was for Inko. Who trembled beneath him, their roles reversed after all these years.

"Please, don't hurt him!" He chases the memory away.

He had to stay present.

Save Inko. Arrest Hisashi. Go home.

"ILL FUCKING KILL YOU!" The table screeches as it's pushed to the side as he tries to make his way around. But he wasn't as strong as he once was.

Izuku stares at him calmly, focusing on his own breath as the man heaves in front of him. First things first.

He helps Inko up, turning his back to Hisashi, "Go, Inko."

She reaches for him as he pushes her away, "Izu-"

"Now," he turns to the side, just in case the old man had got his wits together, "The police will help you once you're out of the building. Go."

Her sob catches in her throat as she stares up at him with tear-filled eyes, "Come with me! While he's down, please!"

Izuku grits his teeth as the man collapses onto the ground in a coughing fit. He grabs her by the collar of her shirt, dragging her to the front door, "Get out of the way, Inko," he orders quietly.

"N-NO!" She wails, stumbling behind the boy, her hands clutching the arm gripping her shirt, "I'm not leaving you again!"

The teenager takes a deep breath as he unlocks the heavy wooden door. But his eyes soften when he looks at her.

So he pulls her into a hug. She holds him so tightly, like a mother holds her child. Like she wanted to protect him.

But she couldn't. So he had to protect her.

He slowly turns, taking a false step which leads her to believe he's given up. Her arms loosen, and he whispers, "I'll be alright."

And he pushes with every ounce of strength to get her through the doorway, not sparing even a glance at her shaking body huddled on the ground before slamming the door and sliding the locks back into place.

Save Inko, check.

Even though Hisashi aims the gun directly at the boy, he's shaking. He's trembling in fear as his son stands over him, with a cold, unwavering stare.

Izuku had the power.

He leans down, looping his arm under Hisashi's, "W-What are you doing?" The man spits as the boy helps him to his feet, "Are you fucking stupid? I'll kill you!"

The threat means nothing to him.

He guides him to the living room, where only an old futon lays. Father and son sit across from each other, the gun in between.

Hisashi was more pissed about the imbalance of power not being in his favor than anything Izuku could ever do was not unexpected, but still made him uneasy.

"Don't look at me like that." Izuku raises an eyebrow, but turns his gaze to his hands in his lap as he continues, "Don't you dare fucking pity me. You of all people don't get to pity me."

The silence that follows drives him crazy, "The fuck is the matter with you?! All that shit earlier and now you have nothing to say?!"

Izuku had never felt so calm in Hisashis presence. It was almost over.

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