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"SO WHEN DID you realise?" I ask as I mindless run my fingertips up and down the shins of Chase's legs that caged me, my gaze lazy and it focused on the rolling waves

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"SO WHEN DID you realise?" I ask as I mindless run my fingertips up and down the shins of Chase's legs that caged me, my gaze lazy and it focused on the rolling waves. The sun was beating down on us, salt was in the air and the faint music from someone's speaker could be heard further down the beach. 

Only having a week and a half left in Holden Bay and of our summer break meant we were using every chance to escape down to the beach. We had set down our stuff in the usual spot and after a while of swimming, Chase and I returned to the towels so Penn and Noah, who were keeping watch before us, could go cool off in the water. 

Everyone else was in the water. Sam and Vera had joined us late and were planning to leave early so they could go pick up Stella from my mother who was looking after her. It was adorable how obsessed those two were with their daughter and I couldn't wait to be like that with Chase and our own children. 

"Realise what?" Chase asks and presses a kiss to the top of my damp, salty hair, "I'm twenty-one, Jones. That's twenty-one years of a lot of realisations." 

"Smartass." I scoff as I playfully hit my knuckles against his leg, "I meant when did you realise you wanted to marry me?"

Chase pauses for a second before reply, "Do you want the honest truth or the version where I don't seem like a complete love-sick puppy?"

"Honest truth." I nod as I push up from where I lay back against his chest and turn my torso to face him. He was rested back on his hands, his glorious chest and abs on full display for me as well as the defined v-line running below the waist band of his black board shorts. 

"The day we graduated from Caldwell." Chase answers with a small smile and my eyebrows raise slightly in shock, "You probably won't remember but it was at the party. We had lost you three girls and spent almost an hour looking for you. We found you lying outside on the lawn and...I don't know, I just looked down at you and you had this huge smile on your face and I just knew that I was going to marry you."

"Wow..." I mumble out before grinning at him, "So you are obsessed with me." 

"For fuck's sake, Jones." Chase laughs loudly as he tilts his hed back, his beautiful face lifting up to the sun and his eyes flutter shut. 

"What?" I laugh with him as he glances at me again and shakes his head. I roll my eyes before completely turning myself around to face him and I fold my legs, "Okay—but when did you realise that yesterday was going to be the day you proposed? Or was it just some romantic gesture?" 

He sighs out and shrugs, "A bit of both, I guess."  

"Jesus christ, I forgot how hard it is to fucking read you sometimes." I grumble as Chase smirks at me. He's probably jus trying to get even with me since I waited until after angry sex to explain to him how and why Noah had seen me naked. 

"Remember my last day here? In the afternoon after when we were just lying in bed?" Chase questions and I nod, the memories slowly floating back to me, "You said you were thirsty and I offered to get it for you." 

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