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VERA SNATCHES THE water-bottle out of my hand and downs it in five seconds

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VERA SNATCHES THE water-bottle out of my hand and downs it in five seconds. It's like giving birth gave her extra super-powers or something. It was both mesmerising yet terrifying at the same time. 

"Vera, everything's going to be alright just breathe." I say as Vera breathe heavily while sitting on a chair at the dining table. I place my hands on her shoulder, "Everything's going to be okay. Stop freaking out. It's fine. You don't need to freak out. Freaking out is not good right now." 

Vera grabs onto my wrists, "Hay—" 

"You're totally fine. This is a completely normal situation." I continue to ramble. 


I could barely hear what she was saying, "We've got this under control. Totally under control. There's no need to be freaking out right? Right? Ha ha, because freaking out would be a terrible thing to do right no—" 

"Hayden!" Vera shouts and I jump, slightly startled. Vera then chuckles at me, "You're the only one freaking out right now, darling." 

I take a few seconds to breathe and realise that I was indeed freaking out. I sigh as I step back and run a hand through my hair, "Holy shit." 

Suddenly, Levi runs into the room carrying a bag. He seemed to be puffing and seemed just as freaked out as I was. 

"Okay so I packed all the birthing things." Levi explains while staring down into the bag as he hurries over to us, "Well I think I did. I'm not too sure. I just grabbed random stuff and threw it in here. I think there's someone tennis sneaker in here too." 

"It doesn't matter right now." I say as I crouch down in front of Vera, "Let's get you to the hospital, okay?" 

"Sounds great." Vera smiles at me as I help her out of the chair. Levi rushes to the kitchen as I start helping Vera towards the door. 

"Uhhhh..guys! Slight problem..." Levi calls from the kitchen. We both slowly turn around to face him as he adjust the bag of birthing things on his shoulder, "There's no car." 

"Oh for fucks sake!" I shout as Vera groans and bends over slightly due to be hit with another wave of contractions, "How about we call an ambulance." 

"No." Vera groans out as she glances up at me, "I don't want to make a big deal out of this. Please, Hayden." 

"Um—okay—uh—shit." I mumble as I glance at Levi while my brain tries to come up with a solution. It hits me and I act quickly, "Okay, Levi, can you carry Vera out to the curb? I need to run next door." 

"Sure thing." Levi nods as he takes Vera from my arms. I take off in a sprint out the front door, down the drive and through the next door neighbours gates. I was puffing heavily as I stumble up the tile steps and I begin to pound violently against the wooden door. 

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