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"I DON'T WANT to look

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"I DON'T WANT to look." I say while leaning on the kitchen island block, "You look." 

"You look." Spencer retorts as I straighten my spine. 

I give him a sheepish smile, "I'm too nervous. You look." 

"Bitch, what about me? I'm nervous too." Spencer scoffs as we both swivel toward the wall oven behind us, "How about we look together?" 

"Sounds good." I nod as we slowly take a few steps towards the hot metallic box, "If the smoke alarms go off, I'm blaming you." 

"Try me bitch." Spencer snorts as we both place a hand onto the handle of the oven, "Okay, 3...2...1" 

We both pull on the handle, opening up the small door of the oven. A wave of heat hits us square in the face and I blink a few times as I adjust. My eyes wearily peer down at the black tin and relief washes through me when I see a normal looking brownie sitting inside. 

"We did it!" Spencer cheers as I smile widely. We squeal and shout as we wrap our arms around each other and spin around. "We successfully baked for the first time in our fucking lives!" 

"Hell yes!" I shout as we continue spinning, not noticing that Vera had walked into the kitchen. 

"What are my darling crackheads up to now?" She questions as Spencer and I slow our spinning. We glance over at her to see her smiling fondly at the two of us. Spencer quickly puts on my mother's floral mitts and pulls out the brownie. 

"Do you see this miracle?" Spencer questions as he shows her the perfect brownie, "We baked this shit." 

"Wow, and it's not even burnt?" Vera questions as she leans forward and peers at the baked good, "Congratulations." 

Spencer removes the brownie from the tin and places it on the cooling rack. I bounce excitedly behind him as Vera gravitates towards the fridge. I watch as the knife easily glides through the brownie and my stomach begins to rumble. 

"Fuck." Vera groans just before something hits the ground. We turn around to see Vera bending over while an unopened juice bottle was slowly rolling on the ground. I quickly hurry over to. 

"Shit, what's wrong?" I question while rubbing her back. Vera breathes heavily for a couple seconds before straightening her spine and giving me a tight lipped smile. 

"Nothing, my love." Vera cups my cheek as she smooths her other hand over her belly, "Just a little cramp." 

"We can go the hospital right now." Spencer explains as Vera picks up the juice bottle and shakes her head. 

"It's fine, Spenc. I'm not due for another two weeks." Vera shakes her head as she makes her way into the empty living room. Everyone else was upstairs getting ready and I wasn't exactly sure where Levi was at the moment. Probably playing Animal Crossing with Michael in his room. 

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